Author: David Leonhardt

Website Performance Monitoring, Site Speed and SEO

The suspicion that site speed might be a ranking factor for Google was just a suspicion; that is, until April of last year. Google plainly stated site speed as a factor in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking. What does this mean? Website performance monitoring needs to become part of your SEO process – if it isn’t already.

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Website Monitoring Escalation Infographic
Performance Tech Tips

Website Monitoring Escalation – Infographic

Website monitoring and escalation is a very complex process that involves multiple variables. Not surprisingly, some people found it challenging to understand…and even more challenging to explain to others. This Infographic explaining the process, including the various monitoring tools for each level of monitoring from “basic” to “complex”.

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Internet Backbone
Network Services Monitoring

The Internet Backbone for Noobs – Infographic

Deep within the very heart of your body, lurks a force so intrusive and so powerful that it would terrify you if you came face to face with it. Your backbone – which is, in fact, many bones that together hold your skeleton and the rest of your body together.

The Internet also has a backbone. And just like your backbone, the Internet backbone holds the Internet together – a network of high capacity communications routes linking local Internet networks (comprising over 35 million Internet server sites) across land and under the sea. Here is a quick look at the Internet backbone.

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Dotcom-Monitor News

Server Room Cabling Hell: 13 of the Worst Server Wiring Jobs Ever!

It’s pretty sweet when you don’t have to worry about your servers. But while Dotcom-Monitor is monitoring your servers remotely for everything from speed to temperature, some poor system admins or IT techs are being dropped into a tangled nightmare. Here are 15 of the worst server wiring jobs ever, or in other words, welcome to Server Room Cable Hell.

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