Airline Website Outage – Delta Website Goes Down

Delta website outage – customer frustrations run high as Delta Air Lines mobile app and booking website go down. Website DownOct. 17, 2013 – A quick test of Delta Air Lines’ website is confirming reports by the Star Tribune newspaper, CBS News and numerous other media outlets that Delta Airlines users are experiencing issues connecting to the Delta servers.

Delta Website Down

Also, in addition to the Delta website outage, media reports and testing confirms a Delta Air Lines mobile app outage. Delta users attempting to connect to Delta servers are receiving a “Delta website down” type of standard message.

Delta Website Outage
Delta’s website goes down on 10/17/2013

The Delta website for reservations has been down previously with Delta downtime reported on 9/22/2012 as well as in July of 2012.

Website Outages – An Opportunity for Customer Service, or Additional Fees?

Calling the Delta website outage number bring the caller into the automated caller system and a message that an “additional $25 fee applies” when booking the flight via the phone system rather than the website.  Delta Airline users initially looking to book a Delta flight during the Delta website outage are subject to an error message with a phone number that directs them to a reservation system, which in turn adds a $25 fee to the Delta flight?

Delta Website Down - Stewardess
“Connecting to Delta’s website is not allowed.”

Based on our website monitoring experience working with online reservation companies, including airlines, it is recommended to treat an outage as an opportunity to demonstrate an additional level of customer service, rather than subjecting online Delta Flight users to an additional fee. In fact, airline website outages and airline website errors are relatively common and a customer-centric response should include an IT overview carefully aligned with the customer experience team at the airline.

Delta Airlines Website Outage
Delta Air Lines official twitter newsfeed responds to the website outage
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To run an instant website speed test to see if the Delta website outage continues, visit:

website uptime

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