SOAP 负载测试允许您在用户负载下测试基于 SOAP 的 Web 服务的性能。


您可以使用 SOAP 信封手动配置 SOAP 请求,也可以单击页面顶部的“使用 WSDL”按钮使用 SOAP 向导。

HTTP/SOAP 向导允许您指定 WSDL URL,并允许您在继续之前选择要测试的有效参数。


输入要执行任务的页面的 URL。 您必须指定整个 URL,包括 HTTP。 例如,””。


Enter the number of seconds the task should wait for a response from the web page before ending the task and returning an error. If this is left blank the default timeout for a task is 120 seconds.


SOAPAction HTTP 请求标头字段可用于指示 SOAP HTTP 请求的意图。 该值是标识意图的 URI。 SOAP 对 URI 的格式或特异性没有限制,或者它可解析。 发出 SOAP HTTP 请求时,HTTP 客户端必须使用此标头字段。

服务器(如防火墙)可以使用 SOAPAction 标头字段的状态和内容来适当筛选 HTTP 中的 SOAP 请求消息。 空字符串的标头字段值 (””) 表示 SOAP 消息的意图由 HTTP 请求-URI 提供。 没有值表示没有迹象表明消息的意图。

发布 XML

输入 XML 请求的正文。


Content Validation Keywords are used to ensure that the expected content was loaded onto a web page.

In the Keyword fields, you can specify one or more words or phrases that you wish to search for in the web page content.  If the expected keywords are not found, the task will return an error.

You can enter multiple strings into the keyword fields.  The values you enter can be separated by logical expressions as follows:
]} – keyword expression end;
{[ – keyword expression start;
() – grouping brackets;
& – logical AND;
| – logical OR;
! – logical NOT;
“string” – a keyword;

A successful keyword expression must include the start and end brackets as follows:



Basic authentication is used to allow users to access content on some websites.

Username: contains a username for HTTP/S basic or digest access authentication.

User Password: contains a password for HTTP/S basic or digest access authentication.

Read the article on Authentication username and password for more information.

The option allows to add any additional custom headers in the following format (by “=” symbol, each header should start from a new line):

Header_name_1 = "value"
Header_name_2 = "value"

Header Name: specify the name of the parameter as it will appear in the request.

Value: enter the value associated with the name of the parameter.

User-Agent header used by the Dotcom-Monitor HTTP task: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 1.0.3705).

However, the IE6 user string can be replaced with any other string. To do this, add a custom header with the name “user-agent” and the specific value needed.

DNS 选项

The DNS Options feature allows users to choose how domain name server (DNS) requests are conducted during a monitoring task.

To specify the mode of resolving hostnames, in the DNS Resolve Mode section, select one of the available modes. For more details on the feature configuration, see DNS Mode Options.

The Custom DNS Hosts section contains the mappings of IP addresses to hostnames.

To specify the mapping, enter the IP address and the host name in the corresponding fields.


See also: DNS Mode Options.