LoadView uses Load Injector Servers from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure Cloud Services. Dotcom-Monitor has 17 geographical regions Load Injector Servers can be stated and the load can be generated from. In each region, about 500 Load Injectors can be instantiated.

Capacity limits depend on the monitoring platform type due to the difference in test execution algorithms:

  • For HTTP (S) test each Load Injector can handle approximately up to 1000 concurrent HTTP users.
  • For Web page or Web application test each Load Injector can handle approximately up to 25 concurrent users.

The limit for a particular Load Test type is calculated using the following formula:

500 x 16 x Number of Concurrent Users per Load Injector = Maximum User Load

Find the resulting Load Capacity Limits below:

HTTP(S) Load Test (ServerView) Web page Load Test (BrowserView) Web Application Load Test (UserView)
8,000,000 users 225,000 users 225,000 users