A Complete Monitoring Solution for Small and Medium Business


Over time, the number of tools used to manage a businesses IT infrastructure can grow into an unwieldy set of utilities, programs and services with an unmanageable list of quality and performance reports. Because of this, many small and medium businesses are looking for a simple all-in-one solution to fit their needs.  The Dotcom-Monitor suite of monitoring tools is a great one stop shop for just such IT teams.  Here are just a few of the many things you can do with Dotcom-Monitor:

Monitor Websites

  • Monitor the status of websites with Uptime and Downtime alerts via email, sms text message and phone calls
  • Monitor the performance of websites including
    • Page Load Speed
    • Web Transaction Monitoring (secure site login, shopping cart responsiveness etc…)
    • Create escalation chains to alert different levels of support when website slowdowns or outages are identified
    • Track performance of websites in over 40 different browser configurations:
      • Internet Explorer
      • Google Chrome
      • Firefox
      • Safari
      • Iphones
      • Ipads
      • Android Devices
      • Blackberry Devices
      • Windows 8 IEMobile
    • Rich Internet Application interaction (Flash, Flex, AJAX, Silverlight, html5 etc…)
  • Quickly and easily record point and click scripts to simulate real users interacting with a website
  • Monitor Web Applications such as SaaS systems


Monitor Web-Facing Servers

  • Ping, Traceroute, Telnet (port availability)
  • Email server monitoring including SMTP, POP3/IMAP, round trip monitoring, Exchange ActiveSync
  • FTP Servers
  • VoIP SIP servers
  • DNS Blacklist monitoring
  • UDP monitoring
  • Streaming Media
  • Web Services (SOAP, https, REST)

Monitor Server Metrics

  • Aggregate Windows Performance Counters along side server performance metrics to view how server hardware performance affects services hosted on the server
  • Gather SNMP data all in one place in the Dotcom-Monitor Dashboard
  • Monitor custom metrics- Any data you can gather can be uploaded into the Dotcom-Monitor cloud using the API to help trouble shoot your environment

Perform Load Testing on Web Servers

Ramp up numerous virtual servers to perform scripted load tests on your website to determine how heavy traffic affects your website.  All logistics of setting up and running the tests are managed and automated by the Dotcom-Monitor Cloud services.

A Complete Monitoring Solution

Dotcom-Monitor is a complete monitoring solution that is great for many small to medium businesses, and scales up with your organization as you grow.  We have a number of business partners with whom our services integrate to keep your data where and how you want to access it, and you can always use our API and XML feed to interact with YOUR data the way that best fits your organization.  Sign up now for a free trial to see how powerful the Dotcom-Monitor solution can be for you.

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