Another Neustar UltraDNS Outage

Neustar UltraDNS outage

Neustar UltraDNS Outage
A Dotcom-Monitor client monitoring report showing Neustar UltraDNS down.

April 30, 2014 – Neustar UltraDNS Down – Dotcom-Monitor is tracking a Neustar UltraDNS outage at this time. The UltraDNS outage appears to have started at approximately 10:34 am CST and extended to 12:47 noon while stabilizing. (UPDATE- As of 4:07 pm CST UltraDNS continues to experience DNS resolution instability.)

The UltraDNS issue resulted in (as it should) error alerts to clients. Monitoring that does not cache DNS is detecting the UltraDNS outage. Clients themselves may not see the DNS issue unless they clear their DNS cache and attempt to connect to affected website and web applications.

UltraDNS is a DNS service provider owned by Neustar Corporation, which also owns associated companies including Webmetrics website monitoring and other services.

Dotcom-Monitor will continue to research the Neustar UltraDNS down issue and provide details as they become clear.

Dotcom-Monitor had captured a similar outage in January of 2013.

UltraDNS Outage DNS Down Timeout by Location
This chart shows a Dotcom-Monitor client device erroring out on 4/30/2014 due to UltraDNS issues.
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