Network Solutions Down… again | DNS and Email Outages

The outages continue for Network Solutions. Dotcom-Monitor is currently tracking a Network Solutions email deliverability issue due to email blacklisting, as well as a separate DNS issue that occurred earlier this year.

Network Solutions Down

Strike Three? – Network Solutions Outages Continue

Dotcom-Monitor is currently tracking a Network Solutions email deliverability issue due to email blacklisting, as well as a separate Network Solutions domain name server (DNS) issue that occurred earlier on Monday Oct. 22, 2013.

Network Solutions Email Down

Regarding the Network Solutions email outage, a posting on the Network Solutions Facebook page noted “Our Technical Services Team has confirmed spam abuse resulting in blacklisting with Trend Micro, LashBack, SORBS, and Backscatterer. Delisting processes are being implemented, and resolution times will vary from service to service.”

Network Solutions Outage
Network Solutions down again – a pattern of DNS outages leaves customers frustrated.

The Network Solutions DNS issues elicited another Facebook post from the company “We experienced an issue earlier today on DNS. Our Tech Team also worked quickly to mitigate [it]. Some customers may experience intermittent slowness, as full restoration occurs. We regret the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Rest assured that we will continue to monitor and act as quickly as possible to limit the occurrence and duration of such events.”

The Network Solutions outage on Monday follows earlier DNS outages that occurred in July and late March 2013–that Dotcom-Monitor detected on behalf of clients.

Previous Network Solutions Outages

The March 2013 Network Solutions DNS issues were tracked by Dotcom-Monitor as consistent DNS time-out errors involving Network Solutions server down early on March 30, 2013. The Network Solutions down servers were NS22.WORLDNIC.COM ( and NS21.WORLDNIC.COM (

The Network Solutions DNS issues reinforce the need for monitoring services that do not cache DNS as that kind of monitoring does not detect DNS issues. Dotcom-Monitor does not cache DNS look-ups, therefore it detected and alerted on the Network Solutions DNS issues instantly.

As to the marketplace response? Several Network Solutions users commenting in social media on the back-to-back-to-back Network Solutions DNS issues have also noted they’re now shopping for a more robust DNS provider.

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Dotcom-Monitor provides free trials for both email blacklist monitoring services as well as DNS monitoring services for its clients to reduce the mean time to repair (MTTR) when issues of this nature occur.


photo credit: Beraldo Leal via (cc)

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