The Complete Toolkit
for Better Performance
& Decreased Downtime


Powerful Monitoring & Load Testing
for Websites, Web Applications &
Web Services

  • Web Application Monitoring

    Synthetic Monitoring for Web Based Applications
    Monitor End User, Multi-Step Transactions
    Ensure Performance & Functionality of Any Element Rendered in a Browser

  • Load Testing

    Stress & Load Testing for Web Apps, Websites & API’s
    100% Cloud Based with No Hardware Required
    Load Testing with Real Browsers
    Customizable Scenarios & Geo Targeting

  • Website Performance Monitoring

    Monitor Speed & Performance of Webpages
    Real Browser Monitoring
    Monitor from Global Locations
    Instant Alerts on Performance Degradations

  • Performance Counter Monitoring

    Monitor Linux, Windows & Custom Performance Counters
    End-to-End Monitoring for Servers Across Multiple Locations
    Monitor Performance of Memory, Disk Utilization & Bandwidth Monitoring

  • Server & Web Services Monitoring

    Monitoring for Entire IT Infrastructure
    Ensure Availability of Servers, Networks, Websites & More
    Gauge Accessibility & Verify Functionality of Any Server, Internal or External

Global Monitoring Locations

Test and Monitor Your Devices
From Our Network Locations Around the World
Located On the Backbone of the Internet.

Everything Needed from an
All-In-One Monitoring Solution
  • Custom Reports

    Create custom online, real-time and e-mail reports. Track third party vendors adherence to service level agreements for uptime / downtime. Learn More >

  • Alerts

    Custom alerting system notifies you and your team of errors, enabling quick corrective action. Create alert groups, escalation chains, alert thresholds & more. Learn More >

  • Your Data Your Way

    Use an XML feed to consume data and present in any way you choose using your own reporting system. Interact with the Dotcom-Monitor API to update details of your monitored devices. Learn More >

  • Performance Dashboards

    Monitor performance in real-time without having to log in to the Dotcom-Monitor platform. Create dashboards containing easy to read graphs and charts that are shared through a secure url to both internal and external team members. Learn More >

  • Integrations

    Dotcom-Monitor offers several integrations with the most widely used systems including Zapier, PagerDuty, Salesforce & more. A custom API and XML data feed also allow for unlimited integrations with your current systems. Learn More >

A Flexible, All-In-One Monitoring Solution

Trusted By Business Around the World