A Complete Performance Toolkit

For Better Performance
& Decreased Downtime


Powerful Monitoring & Load Testing
for Websites, Web Applications &
Web Services

  • Web Application Monitoring

    Synthetic Monitoring for Web Based Applications
    Monitor End User, Multi-Step Transactions
    Ensure Performance & Functionality of Any Element Rendered in a Browser

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  • Load Testing

    Stress & Load Testing for Web Apps, Websites & API’s
    100% Cloud Based with No Hardware Required
    Load Testing with Real Browsers
    Customizable Scenarios & Geo Targeting

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  • Website Performance Monitoring

    Monitor Speed & Performance of Webpages
    Real Browser Monitoring
    Monitor from Global Locations
    Instant Alerts on Performance Degradations

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  • Performance Counter Monitoring

    Monitor Linux, Windows & Custom Performance Counters
    End-to-End Monitoring for Servers Across Multiple Locations
    Monitor Performance of Memory, Disk Utilization & Bandwidth Monitoring

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  • Server & Web Services Monitoring

    Monitoring for Entire IT Infrastructure
    Ensure Availability of Servers, Networks, Websites & More
    Gauge Accessibility & Verify Functionality of Any Server, Internal or External

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Global Monitoring Locations

Test and Monitor Your Devices
From Our Network Locations Around the World
Located On the Backbone of the Internet.

Everything Needed from an
All-In-One Monitoring Solution
  • Custom Reports

    Create custom online, real-time and e-mail reports. Track third party vendors adherence to service level agreements for uptime / downtime. Learn More >

  • Alerts

    Custom alerting system notifies you and your team of errors, enabling quick corrective action. Create alert groups, escalation chains, alert thresholds & more. Learn More >

  • Your Data Your Way

    Use an XML feed to consume data and present in any way you choose using your own reporting system. Interact with the Dotcom-Monitor API to update details of your monitored devices. Learn More >

online report
  • Performance Dashboards

    Monitor performance in real-time without having to log in to the Dotcom-Monitor platform. Create dashboards containing easy to read graphs and charts that are shared through a secure url to both internal and external team members. Learn More >

  • Integrations

    Dotcom-Monitor offers several integrations with the most widely used systems including Zapier, PagerDuty, Salesforce & more. A custom API and XML data feed also allow for unlimited integrations with your current systems. Learn More >

A Flexible, All-In-One Monitoring Solution

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