Infrastructure Monitoring

Gain Total Visibility Into IT Health and Performance
Monitor performance and functionality of multiple Internet services through our highly configurable platform.
Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard
uptime, performance, and functionality

Server & Infrastructure Monitoring

Everything you need to monitor uptime, performance, and functionality of your entire IT infrastructure.
Network Monitoring Software

Comprehensive Infrastructure Monitoring

Digital Media & Communication Monitoring: Ensure seamless audio and video streaming, alongside consistent VoIP services with SIP service availability checks and simulated calls.

Server & Protocol Analysis: Track FTP server availability and file structure, validate email server functionality, and ensure uninterrupted DNS performance for your websites.

Network Performance & Assurance: Efficiently monitor network response times and health by analyzing protocols and ports, including ICMP Ping, UDP, traceroute, and TCP Port/Telnet checks.

Continuous Infrastructure Monitoring for Immediate Error Detection

Tailored Alerts: Customize alert parameters based on business-critical metrics and keep your team informed of major outages or problems.

Quick Issue Resolution: Receive custom alerts paired with essential data to quickly rectify errors, maximizing server performance.

SLA Verification: Use monitoring reports to confirm third-party vendor performance and hold them accountable with precise server monitoring data.

Infrastructure Monitoring SLA Reporting
Infrastructure Monitoring for Immediate Error Detection

Private Network Monitoring: Use Private Agents to track web applications, websites, and network services behind a firewall or inaccessible externally.

Extended Monitoring Reach: Deploy Private Agents directly into your network to extend monitoring without replacing public agents.

Unified Dashboard: Spot downtime or performance dips using detailed charts, real-time data, and shareable dashboards.

Key Features

Key Infrastructure Monitoring Features

Explore our extensive range of features to ensure maximum uptime and performance!
web network
Global Monitoring Network

Guarantee worldwide availability and performance with over 30 monitoring locations on major global networks. Rapidly pinpoint and address performance issues on any continent.

performance report
Configurable Reports

Diagnose downtime causes through real-time dashboards, detailed waterfall charts, and granular metrics. Confirm SLA metrics with comprehensive device performance tracking.

End-to-End Visibility

Monitor the performance and functionality of multiple Internet services for a holistic snapshot of your IT infrastructure's health.

Private Agents for Internal Monitoring

Deploy monitoring agents within your internal networks, even behind firewalls, ensuring you have eyes on every aspect of your IT infrastructure.

Customized Alerting

Tailor alerts based on the metrics crucial to your business. Stay informed on significant changes and maintain server performance with real-time data.

Web Application Monitoring
Unified Dashboard View

Effortlessly identify performance issues using detailed charts, shareable dashboards, and data available in both real-time and historic views.

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Expert Infrastructure Monitoring. Comprehensive Insights for Businesses of All Sizes.

Utilize Dotcom-Monitor's robust platform to ensure your IT infrastructure operates flawlessly. With real-time alerts and a user-friendly dashboard, achieve maximum uptime and unparalleled performance.
Continuous IT Infrastructure Monitoring
Monitoring agents are located around the world, providing immediate alerts and diagnostics when errors occur.
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Infrastructure Monitoring—Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions about infrastructure monitoring. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.
Infrastructure monitoring is the continuous observation and management of IT systems, networks, and services within an organization. Its primary goal is to ensure optimal performance, uptime, and functionality across all IT components. This encompasses monitoring servers, databases, networks, applications, and other related infrastructure components to detect, alert, and resolve any potential issues. Dotcom-Monitor’s platform works seamlessly to accomplish all your infrastructure monitoring needs.

Infrastructure monitoring is crucial for several reasons:

  • Proactive Problem Resolution: Before users notice or major downtimes occur.
  • Performance Optimization: Identify bottlenecks or underperforming components to enhance overall system efficiency.
  • Enhanced Uptime: Ensure systems, applications, and services are always available, minimizing business disruptions.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Accurate insights help in planning infrastructure upgrades or changes.
Private agents are monitoring agents deployed within an organization’s internal network. Unlike public agents that monitor external services, private agents track the performance and availability of applications, websites, and services behind firewalls which are inaccessible from outside the network. This ensures comprehensive monitoring, covering both internal and external aspects of the IT infrastructure.
Our global monitoring network consists of 30+ monitoring locations situated on major networks worldwide. These locations continuously observe and measure the performance, availability, and user experience from different geographic points, allowing businesses to quickly pinpoint where performance issues originate and ensure a consistent end-user experience globally.
Yes, infrastructure monitoring plays a crucial role in SLA verification. By using monitoring reports and performance data, businesses can verify if third-party vendors are meeting their agreed-upon service levels. If there’s a deviation, the monitoring data serves as concrete evidence, helping businesses hold vendors accountable.
Absolutely! Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, infrastructure monitoring is adaptable to suit various business needs. It ensures that all IT components function seamlessly, enabling businesses to provide uninterrupted services to their clients, regardless of their size.
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