HTTP/S Web Server Performance

A richer set of data that reveals any inefficiencies in your network so you and your team can achieve a higher level of performance. Server uptime monitoring alerts you when any performance parameters are not functioning as expected. Reap the benefits of having worldwide monitoring and collect real-time or historical data that shows not just errors, but also opportunities for improvement.

Quickly Detect & Correct Server Problems

Monitor Server Response Times,
Logins, Forms & Content

Server Uptime

Ensure accessibility from locations around the world and be alerted at the first sign of a problem.

Login & Form Success

Verify that your forms submit properly and verify successful logins on secure websites.

Monitor Content

Monitor pages for specific phrases, keywords or images with a few simple clicks!

Response Times

Be alerted when servers exceed response time thresholds of any metric you choose.
monitor shopping carts

Shopping Carts

Monitor vital website transactional flows for availability and function. Get alerted when they don’t.

Extensive Reports

Utilize robust data with real-time dashboards. Pull your data into any program with an api or xml feed.

Global Monitoring

Global monitoring locations ensure your website, servers and devices are available from around the world.

Real Browsers

Monitor and test using real browsers, including Chrome, IE and Firefox in over 40 desktop or mobile devices.

ServerView Monitoring

A Reliable, Indispensable Piece of the Dotcom-Monitor Platform

More than just a simple uptime/downtime monitor, ServerView Monitoring can execute GET/POST commands, validate certificates and do text-based content verification within the HTML of a page.


SSL Certificate Verification

  • Verify whether a certificate chain contains a root certificate that is trusted, or not trusted.
  • Validate a web address matches the address certificate it is signed to.
  • Verify certificate expiration dates.
  • Validate a certificate’s chain of trust doesn’t contain a revoked certificate.
  • Verify certificate usage and check chains for the improper use of an intermediate certificate.
  • Set a reminder for a custom amount of days/time to be alerted of SSL Certificate expirations.

HTTP/S Monitoring

Monitor Pages with Cookies

Cookies provide a simple, persistent, client- side state that significantly extends the capabilities of your web-based client/server applications. Unlike other services, with ServerView, our clients receive complete support of pages that use cookies.

HTTP/S monitoring checks for availability, performance, content, broken links, and much more. It supports cookies, form submissions, custom headers, password secured sites (basic HTTP authorization as well as cookie/script authorization mechanisms), and timeout thresholds.

report by location HTTPS

Flexible DNS Options

Tasks can complete DNS resolution in 1 of 4 different ways including device cached, uncached, TTL cached and specified DNS server.
DNS Options for Monitoring

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