Server Uptime Monitoring

Server Monitoring Software / Web Services Monitoring

Never worry about your website or web servers being unavailable to your users. Dotcom-Monitor’s ServerView Monitoring™ keeps an eye on websites and web servers from locations around the world 24/7.

Our monitoring agents continually check your website at an interval you choose looking for issues related to availability, basic response time and even text-based content verification. When issues are detected we immediately alert you and log the appropriate error information to help you quickly diagnose and resolve the root cause.

Monitor Web Services and Server Uptime
real-time view of performance

Server Uptime

Ensure your website is accessible from multiple locations around the world. If a server is not available, we we send an alert and save the traceroute snapshot and all error messages for your review.

Content (text)

Monitor pages for specific phrases or keyword. Especially useful for insuring valid data results on database-driven websites or to verify successful logins.

Response Time

Always know when server performance is outside your response time threshold. For example, set a 5 second threshold get alerts when a server exceeds it.

Login / Form Success

Perform HTTP GET/POST requests using any parameters you choose.  Verify that your forms submit properly and verify successful logins on secure websites.

Monitor Response Time, Logins and Form Success Verify Page Content.

More than just a simple uptime / downtime monitor, ServerView can executive GET / POST commands, validate certificates, and do basic text-based content verification within the HTML of a page. It’s a highly configurable and very flexible monitoring tool that will alert you when any of these performance parameters are not functioning as expected.

Security Certificates

Monitor SSL Certificates

Verify certificate Authority, Common Name, Date, and Revocation Certificate Usage on digital certificate / SSL sites and/or install your client certificate to allow monitoring of your secure site.

Custom Scripts

For Any Monitoring Need

Does monitoring your page require some custom actions?  Dotcom-Monitor can easily add custom scripting to standard server tasks to ensure you receive the results you want.

Cookie Support

Monitor Using Cookies

Cookies provide a simple, persistent, client- side state that significantly extends the capabilities of your web-based client/server applications. ServerView offers complete support of your pages that use cookies.

Flexible DNS Options

Resolve the Way You Want

Tasks can complete DNS resolution in 1 of 4 different ways including Device Cached, Non-Cached, TTL Cached and Specified DNS Server.