Web Server Performance

A richer set of data that reveals any inefficiencies in your network so you and your team can achieve a higher level of performance. Be alerted when any performance parameters are not functioning as expected. Reap the benefits of having worldwide monitoring and collect real-time or historic data that shows not just errors, but also opportunities for improvement.

Quickly Detect & Correct Server Problems

Monitor Server Response Times,
Logins, Forms & Content


Ensure accessibility from locations around the world and be alerted at the first sign of a problem.


Verify that your forms submit properly and verify successful logins on secure websites.


Monitor pages for specific phrases, keywords or images with a few simple clicks!


Be alerted when servers exceed response time thresholds of any metric you choose.

ServerView Monitoring

A Reliable, Indispensable Piece of the Dotcom-Monitor Platform

More than just a simple uptime / downtime monitor, ServerView Monitoring can execute GET / POST commands, validate certificates, and do text-based content verification within the HTML of a page.

Monitor Pages with Cookies

Cookies provide a simple, persistent, client- side state that significantly extends the capabilities of your web-based client/server applications. Unlike other services, with ServerView, our clients receive complete support of pages that use cookies.
monitor dns

Flexible DNS Options

Tasks can complete DNS resolution in 1 of 4 different ways including device cached, uncached, TTL cached and specified DNS server.

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