Private Web & Networking Monitoring Agents

Monitor Servers and Applications Behind a Firewall

For organizations with websites, web applications, or network services that require monitoring but are not accessible outside their internal network, we created Private Agent.

Private Agent is an internal deployment of Dotcom-Monitor agents within in your organization’s network for monitoring behind a firewall. In most cases, Private Agent doesn’t replace public monitoring that already exists, it simply extends your monitoring reach internally in new and exciting ways.

App Monitoring Behind a Firewall
Monitor Web Services and Applications Not Connected to the Internet
A single Console for Monitoring Apps and Web Services
Monitor Everything in a Single Interface

Manage your devices, alerts and reporting options for internal and external monitoring agents in a single, easy- to-use online interface. Use the same interface  as our externally facing services when Private Agent is installed behind your firewall. Monitor private services that are not directly connected to the Internet as well as local Intranet applications, database, servers, internal routers, VPN connections and more.

Private and Secure

Security designed so that only you will ever see your private agent. Your Dotcom-Monitor account provides you exclusive access to your monitoring agents.

Better Internal Diagnostics and Network Monitoring

Troubleshoot web server bottlenecks and performance issues by comparing site performance data from our external agents positioned around the globe with data from an internal agent located within your organization.

Compare performance statistics to see if an external network connectivity problem or a problem directly related to your internal web application is causing performance loss. Private Agent provides the same instant alerts and actionable performance data that our public service offers giving you rich diagnostic and reporting capabilities for your private services.

Monitor Behind a Firewall

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