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The Need for Cloud Application Monitoring

Cloud-based applications with poor performance cost companies lost revenues and customers. In fact, as cloud apps become more complex more performance issues can occur, resulting in lost conversions and higher rates of website abandonment. Therefore, companies running cloud web applications need to continually monitor for performance issues, functionality and availability.

The Complexity of Cloud Application Management

Traditional web applications sit on static servers inside a data center behind company firewalls. This delivery chain is fixed with minimal variables. Cloud applications, however, are more complex by nature. Here the application delivery chain moves from an end-user through a browser (PC or mobile device), across the Internet (through a local Internet Service Provider (ISP), or mobile carrier), through a third-party (cloud provider, or content delivery network (CDN)), into the complex infrastructure of a data center. All of these elements are essential to a cloud-based application’s performance, making cloud testing and cloud monitoring much more challenging than traditional application performance management.

The Good News – External Cloud Monitoring Makes Application Management Easy

Solving cloud performance issues requires a comprehensive analysis of the entire application delivery chain, from end-user to data center servers. The important thing in cloud monitoring is the ability to pinpoint specific errors along the delivery chain. By initializing external cloud monitoring agents, IT managers and system administrators can quickly and efficiently address faults and performance issues so that they can get their application back up and running at full capacity. External cloud monitoring also saves significant time and hassle over deploying code in a system, or setting up an in-house integrated server monitoring tool.

5 Reasons Why You Should Monitor Your Web Application from the Cloud

  1. Monitoring from the cloud helps to control cloud computing costs and increase web app performance. By monitoring cloud-based web applications you can quickly find bottlenecks so you can scale your web app accordingly.
  2. External web app monitoring is faster, easier and more secure than deploying internal monitoring agents into your web application’s code.
  3. Cloud-based virtual server monitoring allows for deep-level analysis with minimal strain on your system.
  4. A cloud-based monitoring solution stores historical data virtually, so you can access your performance data 24×7 on any machine around the world.
  5. A virtual dashboard allows for simultaneous cloud server monitoring.

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