SIP Protocol & VOIP Monitoring

Monitor VoIP Services as a Provisioned Extension or Client

VoIP-SIP monitoring alerts you the moment your organization’s VoIP communications system has availability or performance issues by replicating calls to an end-user’s SIP device and analyzing call responses to determine connectivity.

VoIP Monitoring over SIP

Monitor the ability of your VoIP infrastructure.
VOIP Monitoring

SIP Monitoring is an online VoIP monitoring service that proactively monitors the ability of VoIP infrastructure components to establish and maintain VoIP calls. Proactive VoIP monitoring is realized using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) a signaling protocol typically used for VoIP.

The SIP Monitoring service acts like an end client, by periodically placing VoIP telephone calls (once per minute, or 3, 5-minute etc…) to a specified number and then checking the results of that call. To accomplish this, SIP Monitoring is provisioned as either an extension, or a client, on the VoIP system and configured to call a specific number using a specified SIP server with certain parameters. The expected result of the call is setup as “Answer”, “No Answer”, “Busy”, or an Error Condition (if there is an unexpected result).

Respond Immediately to Errors

Use ServerView to Monitor:

Outgoing call success

Inbound Call Routing

Internal Extension Connectivity

Voicemail Availability

VOIP Monitoring Reports


Monitor SIP service availability, register an extension and perform an outbound test call.

The SIP Task will generate an error condition when:

  • Server error messages are received
  • Expected Call Result is not received

SIP Monitoring Error Detection

Error detection occurs at each step of the SIP Monitoring process. If an error is detected, SIP Monitoring records all of the properties of the error which helps you pinpoint where the error condition is occurring.

SIP Monitoring reports and charts include detailed historical data for VoIP management purposes, including Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance issues and specific error messages are always accessible in online reports.

Continuous Monitoring from Dotcom-Monitor
Continuous Monitoring from Dotcom-Monitor