Customized Instant Alerts

Reduce MTTR and Improve Efficiency with Custom Alerting

The goal of website monitoring is to ensure that when there’s a problem you know about it. Our custom alerting system and set up helps you minimize downtime and performance by alerting you and your team about errors and bottlenecks at the exact time they occur so you can maximize customer satisfaction.

Receive Alerts on Phone

Advanced Custom Alerting
Configuration and Options

Group Alerts

Create your own Alert groups using various message formats, including: multiple e-mails, wireless device e-mail addresses, phones, numeric pagers and SMS devices. With the one-step interface you can easily add groups to your monitored device.

Alerts by Time of Day

Choose the time of day and/or day of the week when a particular group or individual is notified of a problem. Automatically send alerts to the overnight on-call team member at 6 PM or the weekend crew starting at 12:00 AM on Saturday morning.

Uptime Alerts

Send an “Uptime Alert” message after Dotcom-Monitor detects that a problem is corrected. Monitor your website at any interval you choose, looking for issues related to availability, basic response time and even text-based content verification.

Alert Escalation

Set alert escalations based on the duration of the error condition. Notify group A immediately, Group B after 10 minutes of downtime, and Group C after 60 minutes of downtime. Alert escalation time intervals range from immediate to three hours and are available in 10 minute increments.

Multiple Location Alerts

Initiate the Alert process only after a problem is detected by more than one website monitoring agent. This helps prevent receiving alerts related to common but intermittent Internet network problems.

Custom Script Alert

If you need specialized Alert options, such as creating “problem tickets” in your help desk system or specially formatted e-mails, these can be accomplished using our customizable alert scripts. Configure individuals or groups of people to receive these alerts.

Alert Templates

Easy to use templates allow you to control the look, feel and content of your alert messages. Our Template Editor allows you to input dynamic variables to customize the alert for the intended recipient. Dynamic variables can be used in both the subject and the body of the alert emails.
alert templates
Custom Alerting

Extremely Flexible Alerts Framework

Alerts can be sent any of the following ways:

  • SMS Text Message
  • Email
  • Wireless Email (text messaging)
  • Landline Phone
  • Pager
  • SNMP Trap

Uptime Alerts & Never a False Positive

When an error is detected, Dotcom-Monitor runs a series of checks to ensure it is not a false alert. Once alerted of a problem, we will also send an alert letting you know that everything is back up and running.

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