Synthetic Monitoring Solutions

Built for Cloud and Enterprise
Website Monitoring
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Monitor uptime, performance and functionality of your website and applications.
Protocol Monitoring
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Simulates network protocols and accurately check for server responses and performance.
Best In Class Synthetic Monitoring
Deliver optimal performance with proactive monitoring designed to meet your complex monitoring requirements. Find and fix performance issues with end-to-end visibility of performance analytics across all user flows, crucial transactions, APIs, websites, and protocols to ensure you deliver scalable and reliable user experiences. Take advantage of our highly rated support team of monitoring and performance professionals to help you achieve your SLOs at scale.
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Advanced Monitoring Solutions

Monitor your apps and services in real time. Find the problem and fix it fast with expert help from our 24/7, on-call support engineers!
Web Application Monitoring Dashboard
Our web application monitoring solution mimics user interactions using automated tests, ensuring seamless experiences with e-commerce checkouts, login forms, and more. Gain actionable insights into performance, benchmarks, and historical data, and receive instant alerts to address issues before they impact real users.
Everything you need to monitor the uptime, performance, and functionality of your web APIs and web servers. Get in-depth performance analysis and functionality checks that help you proactively identify issues and resolve them fast. Benefit from data-driven analytical reports and real-time alerts, helping you optimize and maintain a high-performance service. 
Web Services Monitoring Dashboard
Web Page Monitoring Dasboard
Evaluate and monitor global webpage loading processes to pinpoint performance bottlenecks. Dive deep into loading stages, such as DNS resolution, SSL negotiation, and time to first byte (TTFB). Detect issues like high latency or disruptive dependencies and stay informed with real-time alerts. Ensure optimized and user-friendly experiences for visitors from any location.
Monitor networks and multiple services such as DNS, Email, FTP, SIP, and DNSBL for uptime, functionality, and performance. Stay ahead of potential disruptions by identifying anomalies and assessing network health in real-time.
Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard

Unparalleled Performance Insights​

Monitor your websites, web applications, and APIs like never before. Stay proactive, not reactive. Ensure every digital interaction delivers a peak experience for your users.
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Web Application Monitoring 

Monitor web transactions such as portal logins, shopping cart processes, and operations behind the firewall to guarantee functionality, uptime, and optimal performance. 

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Receive alerts through various channels, including email, phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, webhooks, PagerDuty, Slack, ServiceNow, and many more. 

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Advanced Reporting 

Analyze your monitoring data in real time with diverse reports, public dashboards, and dynamic analytics. 

One of the best aspects of Dotcom-Monitor is their 24/7 live support with real engineers. They also provide a wide range of monitoring services that cover all aspects of website performance, including uptime, page speed, server health, and more!

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Easily Integrate with Your Most Important Apps
Experience seamless connections with Dotcom-Monitor. Whether it's collaboration tools, CRMs, or eCommerce platforms, our advanced integration capabilities ensure that your monitoring solutions play well with others. Boost your productivity and gain deeper insights into your web performance.
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