Monitor FTP and SFTP Servers

Ensure directories and files are available.

FTP server monitoring connects to your FTP server and logs in using a username and password you provide. Once connected, a directory-listing command is issued for your specified directory.

After the contents of the directory are listed, the monitoring agent verifies the existence of files you specify during the setup process.

If the agent detects a problem at any point in the login, directory listing or file verification process, you will receive an alert via the alert system.

FTP Server Monitoring
SFTP FTPS and FTP Server Monitoring

Monitoring FTP Over SSH

FTP Server monitoring can verify server, directory and file availability on a specified FTP server using a secure SSH connection. The FTP on SSH task tunnels an FTP session over a secure connection and can:

  • Verify server availability
  • Login using a username and password
  • Execute a directory-listing command
  • Check for the existence of specified files within a directory

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) monitoring ensures your FTP servers are online and available to your users 24/7. An FTP monitoring agent logs in at a frequency you define and can then navigate to a directory listing to verify file availability connection performance.

Ensure FTP File Availability & Server Uptime

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