Email Server Monitoring

Verify that your email servers are up, available and functioning. Gain access to a wide range of tools that provide monitoring for almost any mail server on the market.

Email Server Performance Monitoring

Email is one of the core infrastructures of any business. If email is not functioning correctly, this will cause miscommunications, productivity loss, and even reputational damage.

Email servers typically consist of multiple components working together. These components handle the sending, receiving, processing, and accessibility of any email. If these components break, it can go unnoticed and emails simply will not send or be received. This leads to huge consequences for the individual and the business.

Email Monitoring Supports:

  • Server Logins
  • Port Parameters
  • SSL Connections
  • Timeout Threshold
web based email monitor

IMAP4 Monitor

IMAP4 is similar to POP3, but uses more advanced (IMPA4) protocol to check connectivity and accessibility of the mailbox.TRY NOW »
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POP3 Monitor

POP3 monitoring checks your incoming mail servers. In addition to connecting to your mail server, our remote agent also logs in using a username and password that you provide. As a result, if a connection to mailbox fails, you’ll be notified immediately.TRY NOW »
web servers and services

SMTP Monitor

SMTP monitoring connects to your server and attempts an SMTP handshake. This monitor tests the ability of an SMTP server to accept incoming connections from around the world.LEARN MORE »
DNSBL Monitor

DNS Blacklists

Constantly monitor the most common Domain Name System Blacklists and be alerted immediately if your servers become listed.LEARN MORE »
round trip email monitor

Round Trip Email Monitor

Round trip email monitoring provides a complete end-to-end check of your mail server ability to receive and process emails. In this test a monitoring agent sends an email to the specified email address (same as any person would). Once the email has been sent, our system will try to log in and retrieve the e-mail using POP3 or IMAP4 protocol. If the email does not appear in specified mailbox within a certain time period, an alert is triggered.TRY FREE »
web based email monitor

Web Interface Email Monitor

Most of the modern email services provide a web based interface where users can login and access emails. Dotcom-Monitor provides our UserView platform which allows a scripting process of using web based email. Once scripted, our service will run the script with your specified frequency to verify that the web based interface for email access is working.TRY FREE »
Activesync monitor

ActiveSync Monitor

This is specifically for Microsoft Exchange Server that uses ActiveSync. Dotcom-Monitor offers the world’s only tool for monitoring ActiveSync externally. ActiveSync monitoring logs into an Exchange server, sends an email to a specified mailbox and then retrieves the same email. This round-trip check ensures that ActiveSync is working and Exchange is processing emails properly.LEARN MORE »
internal email monitor

Internal Email Monitor

Dotcom-Monitor’s MetricsView platform monitors the internal metrics both on Windows and Linux servers. Monitors can be setup to monitor general metrics such as CPU, memory, disk space and network traffic, as well as more specific metrics such as email message throughput, connections per second and more.LEARN MORE »
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