DNS Server Monitoring

Ensure DNS Translation and DNS Performance

Domain Name Server (DNS) monitoring helps provide consistent connectivity to your websites and servers and saves you time diagnosing DNS issues. As a result, DNS Monitoring helps you avoid losing online revenues, decrease downtime, and helps you maintain happy customers.

DNS Monitoring

DNS Monitoring continually checks the process of DNS translation (“resolving”). Translation assigns your text-based domain name (for example: dotcom-monitor.com) to/from a number-based internet protocol (IP) address ( When your DNS server is down or is not functioning properly, then websites, mail servers, and proxy servers may appear to be down to end-users.

A DNS server must translate address information as quickly and reliably as possible and ServerView’s DNS Server Monitoring continually verifies that your DNS server is available and able to resolve the specific IP addresses important to you. When problems in this critical step of connecting to your server occur, we’ll alert you and provide information you need to take corrective action.

What does DNS Monitoring do?

  • Verifies Domain Name Resolution
  • Ensures Web and Mail Server Availability
  • Checks Proxy Server Availability
  • Sends Alerts When Issues Arise
  • Helps Diagnose Intermittent DNS Issues

DNS Blacklist (DNSBL) Monitoring

Ensure your online reputation! Even the most reputable organizations occasionally find their domain names on a DNS Blacklist. Use ServerView to continually query major DNS Blacklist databases for your IP addresses or host names. Whenever one of your IP addresses or host names is found in a DNSBL database, you will receive an instant alert.

DNS Monitoring

DNSBLs publish lists of addresses believed to be linked to spamming. Most mail transport agent (mail server) software can be configured to reject or flag messages which have been sent from a site listed on one or more DNSBL. If your mail servers are added to a DNSBL database, it can cause other companies to deny email delivery from your servers.

DNS Blacklist monitoring allows you to immediately identify blacklisting issues and gives you the information you need to quickly request removal and restore normal e-mail delivery.