Rich Internet Application Monitoring
Interact With Dynamic Web Application Elements

Instantly verify the performance and appearance of websites and web applications built with HTML5, AJAX, Flash, Java, Flex, and Silverlight using Rich Internet Application monitoring. UserView RIA validates the content, functionality, as well as the visual layout of web pages, websites, and web applications.

Point and click scripting enables you to monitor the steps ins any web application - regardless of the technology used create the application. If it renders in a browser, UserView can interact with it and provide detailed performance reports and alerting.

Monitor any web application no matter how it’s built. If it renders in a browser, we can monitor its functionality and performance.

Regain Control of your Web Application Monitoring

With UserView RIA it is easy to take control of your Rich Internet Applications monitoring. The combination of browser-based scripting, image verification and virtual keyboard-mouse technologies give you unprecedented control.

Enhanced RIA Monitoring

UserView RIA visually identifies elements regardless of their page coordinates and enables mouse and keyboard actions on selected elements no matter where they appear on the page.

Rich Internet Application monitoring scripts interact with content even when elements are hidden or part of an embedded application or function. This process functions much like a partial screen capture, matching individual pixels to identify specific elements on the page. Virtual keyboard and mouse functions allow scripts to interact with dynamic Rich Internet Application elements.

RIA Web Application Monitoring
The EveryStep Scripting Tool lets you compare and/or select any part of the page at the pixel level – giving you an additional layer of control over traditional browser-based monitoring.
Sophisticated, Multi-Step, Rich Internet Applications Monitoring Scripts

The point-and-click EveryStep scripting tool enables you to monitor several aspects of page availability, performance and functionality in the same multi-step script including:


Monitor content whether it is generated on your site or by a third party.  Validate static and dynamic elements including:

On Page Text

Rendered Text


3rd Party / CDN content


Visually verify the layout of your page or web application. Ensure the proper size and location of elements including:






Test any web application elements regardless of how they are rendered.  Script any user action including:

Mouse clicks


Page navigation

Text input