End User Experience Monitoring

Synthetic Web Application UX Monitoring 

Synthetic user experience monitoring simulates real user experience with applications and delivers browser-based performance data virtually identical to the end user experience. Gain 24/7 insight into the end user experience of your web applications as rendered in the browser.

See web application performance from the user's perspective. UserView RIA monitoring interact with Flash, Silverlight, JAVA, HTML5 and more from within a real browser - giving you real world performance data.

Monitor Performance From the End User’s Perspective.

Web Application UX Insights

Gain instant insights into your web application performance with real user experience monitoring.  Waterfall charts detail the performance of applications at the element level. See web object load time, snapshots of web pages and network traceroutes. When errors occur they are automatically captured with UserView’s exclusive Video Capture technology, allowing you to playback errors and analyze how they impact end user experience.

Instant Alerts When Users Have Problems

Alert individuals and multiple teams with customized alerts whenever users experience an issue that affects web application deliverability, uptime and performance.

Application Performance Trend Analysis

See how users experience your site over time with web application monitoring. Historical performance charts help indentify elements that have erratic behavior. Detect slow and failing elements to optimize application delivery.

Video Enhanced Waterfall Charts

Waterfall charts are a primary tool for web performance analysis. A standard chart helps you understand – at an element level – how performance affects end user experience. UserView waterfall charts are enhanced with Video Capture showing you exactly how web application errors affect end users.

Monitor Rich Internet Applications

Get accurate web application monitoring by mimicking real user interactions with virtual mouse and keyboard scripting tools. UserView can interact with any elements in a Rich Internet Application no matter how complex or dynamic.