Media Server & Streaming Video Monitoring

Monitor availability and performance.

If your website displays streaming video, you can rely on streaming video monitoring to verify your users are receiving trouble-free playback 24/7. Our global network helps you see how international routing affects playback and can alert you to systematic delivery problems.

Streaming Video Monitoring

Monitor hundreds of video formats, in almost any codex.

ServerView Video Streaming monitor connects to your media server similar to Windows Media Player. Once connected, ServerView performs buffering, plays a stream for 3-5 seconds, and then disconnects from your server.

If at any time the media stream is unavailable or metrics like Connection Time, Buffering Time, Received Packages, Buffering Packages, Frame Rate or Average Bytes Per Second are slow, dotcom-monitor will instantly send an alert.

Monitor With Confidence

  • Connection Time: Receive real-time alerts about connection timeouts.
  • Frame Rate: Ensure the rate at which the images in the video are displayed is not causing flickering or viewing errors.
  • Buffering Time: Keep bounce rates low and view times high with buffering time thresholds and alerts.
  • Average Bytes Per Second: Monitor image quality in the output of your streaming media or videos.

Don't Leave Your Customers Spinning

monitor streaming media

Video and streaming media is the number one way to get your message to consumers.

Dotcom-Monitor’s ServerView Platform offers video monitoring that supports hundreds of formats and video codecs. Monitor media files in Windows Media Player, Real Time, Flash-based video and more.

Check out our support site for a complete list of formats and codecs supported.

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