Streamlined Web Performance

Key features to monitor uptime,
ensure functionality & test the performance
of your web devices.

Powerful Monitoring Features

To Fuel Your Business

Performance Dashboards

Find information that is actionable and put it to use with our customizable, drag and drop dashboards. Simplify reporting by setting up dashboard panels that display the widgets of your choice. Choose from line graphs plotting the data points for each selected device, to a live event feed showing configuration changes, alerts, status reports and more.

Share your data with others on your team with a secure, encrypted url. Adjust the properties of the dashboard panels including name, description, widgets attached, panel width and the panel url. Learn More >


Web Performance Reports

Reports delivered directly to your inbox, phone or other desired devices. You no longer have to remember to run performance reports, we will send you a daily, weekly or monthly summary.

When an element fails, Dotcom-Monitor will send you a waterfall chart that is synced up to a video playback of the error and a traceroute to help identify the root cause of the problem. Using real-time and historic reporting, you are able to find out the details of every error on your web devices. Learn More >

From Every Corner
of the Globe

Monitor and load test your web devices from multiple worldwide locations. Get a more holistic view of end-to-end connectivity for geographically distributed users by monitoring from multiple locations. Access websites and Web applications using different Internet backbones with extensive reporting for uptime and performance using a custom definable matrix.

  • Integrate with Custom Desktop, Web or Mobile Applications

    Via API or XML Feed.

  • Create and Record Scripts With EveryStep

    Our free tool!

  • Share Online Reports with a Unique Url

    Copy and paste to others in an email or document.

  • Utilize User Account Types & Assign Different Levels of Access

    Our system provides audit trails every time a user is signed in or makes changes.

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