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Our Platform Makes it Easy to Monitor & Ensure Proper Functionality of Even the Most Complex Websites & Web Applications

Advanced Tools & Features

Our Platform Makes it Easy to Monitor & Ensure Proper Functionality of Even the Most Complex Websites & Web Applications

Powerful Monitoring Features

Improve performance and solve
problems as they occur.

  • Web Performance Reports

    Identify errors quickly with custom reports. View online reports and dashboards or get regular updates via email. Keep third party companies in check with Service Level Agreement reports and management. Take any part of your data and feed into your current reporting system via an XML feed.

    Read More About Reports >

  • Custom Alerting System

    Receive immediate alerts when errors are detected. Alerts give you detailed information about errors, including location of error, most recent monitoring results, when errors are first detected and also provide a screenshot & html of the element in question, with a link to your online reports dashboard.

    Learn More About Alerts >

  • Global Monitoring

    Know if your website, web application, server or any other device is available from the four corners of the world with Dotcom-Monitor’s global monitoring locations. Worldwide monitoring ensures your devices are available to users and gives you total confidence that they have access, regardless of their location.

    See Locations >

  • Monitor Behind a Firewall

    Monitor websites, web applications or network services that are not available outside of your network. Internally deploy monitoring within your organization’s network behind a firewall. Securely designed so that monitoring is only visible to you, Private Agents monitor servers, vpn connections, internal routers & so much more.

    Learn About Private Agents >

  • Real Time Dashboards

    Create dashboards using any combination of your monitored devices and receive response data in real-time. Choose from easy to use and understand charts or graphs and share the data on a fixed, secure url. Simply refresh and see the data instantly update. Share with team members without having to give up your password. Dashboards are available without logging into the Dotcom-Monitor System.

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  • Script Recording Tool

    Easily record end-user interactions with the EveryStep Scripting Tool and upload to the Dotcom-Monitor Cloud. Once there, set up your monitoring scenario and frequency, alerts and reports. It’s that simple. EveryStep works to create scripts for any browser based application or website. If it’s rendered in a browser, you can create a custom script without knowing a single line of code.

    More About EveryStep >

Industry Leading
Data Integrations

Dotcom-Monitor integrates with many of the most widely used platforms including Salesforce, BMC, Asana & Zapier. An API and XML data feed also allow for unlimited integrations with any of your current systems. Learn More >

dotcom-monitor integrations

Real-Time Performance Reports

Create & Share Dashboards Using
Any Combination of Monitored Devices
web performance reports

Performance Dashboards

Find information that is actionable and put it to use with our performance dashboards. Simplify reporting by setting up dashboard panels that display the widgets of your choice. Drill down into data by region, time or status. Easily export data to a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet.

Share your data with others on your team with a secure, encrypted url. Adjust the properties of the dashboard panels including name, description, widgets attached, panel width and the panel url. Learn More >

online dashboards

Web Performance Reports

Reports delivered directly to your inbox, phone or other desired devices. You no longer have to remember to run performance reports, we will send you a daily, weekly or monthly summary.

When an element fails, Dotcom-Monitor will send you a waterfall chart that is synced up to a video playback of the error and a traceroute to help identify the root cause of the problem. Using real-time and historic reporting, you are able to find out the details of every error on your web devices. Learn More >

From Every Corner
of the Globe

Monitor and load test your web devices from global locations. Get a more holistic view of end-to-end connectivity for geographically distributed users by monitoring from multiple locations. Access websites and web applications using different Internet backbones with extensive reporting for uptime and performance using a custom definable matrix.

  • Integrate with Custom Desktop, Web or Mobile Applications

    Via API or XML Feed.

  • Create and Record Scripts With EveryStep

    An easy-to-use scripting tool. Record a script without knowing even one line of code. Learn More >

  • Share Online Reports with a Unique Url

    Copy and paste to others in an email or document, set up a report schedule for automatic deliveries, use the recently upgraded Dotcom-Monitor Interface or get your data via an XML feed / API.

  • Utilize User Account Types & Assign Different Levels of Access

    Our system provides audit trails every time a user is signed in or makes changes.

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