XML Data Feed

Use the XML Report Services framework to send data to third-party applications and websites.
xml data feed

Real-time Reporting with XML Report Services

Our customizable alerting system helps you minimize downtime and maximize customer satisfaction by alerting you when errors occur.

Display Custom, Real-time Web or Networking Monitoring Information

If you have a need to display real-time web or networking monitoring information within a third-party application or website, import any of that data using our flexible XML Report Services (XRS) framework. Pull only the data you need and place it in any XML-capable reporting system or template.
xml real time data
xml reporting options

Flexible Reporting Options

Utilize XML real-time reporting, SQL database, or receive your data as a CSV file. Visualize performance using real-time or historical data, giving you the metrics that matter the most. Choose from many different parameters to customize your data and receive summary and overall data, reporting by hour, day, month, quarter or year.

Reporting Without Limitations

Get as granular as you need by pulling only data from a specific hour during any given day or report on only successes or failures of your monitoring data. At Dotcom-Monitor we never want to assume that we know what data is important to your business, which is why your options are limitless.
xml monitoring data

XML Real-time Reporting Scenarios

Avoid revenue loss, decrease downtime, and maintain happy customers with DNS monitoring.

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