On Demand Load Testing

Load test your website, web application, and API instantly!

  • Run continuous, dynamic tests from the cloud.
  • Gain insights into user experience with real browser testing.
  • Identify performance and capacity issues.
  • Powerful testing for websites and complex web applications.
  • Flexibility from our scalable cloud infrastructure.
  • Optimize your systems to protect your bottom line.
Dotcom-Monitor Load Testing

Get started in minutes with no installation or cloud network setup. Dotcom-Monitor is 100% cloud hosted, so you’ll never need to manage your own servers.

On Demand Performance Testing for:


Test Anything Rendered in a Browser


  • Test simultaneous user limits on your home page
  • Stress test campaign landing pages
  • Measure heavy load response times on a shopping cart path to purchase


Complex Browser Interaction
web applications


  • Perform complex user interactions in real browsers
  • Point and click through Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • Capture and detect images rendered on screen in real-time




  • Send GET and POST requests to RESTful APIs and validate JSON responses
  • Test SOAP APIs posting XML in a SOAP envelope
  • Send dynamic variables to test input validation

Load Test your Sites, Web Apps and APIs:

  •  External Cloud-Based Servers Around the World

    No cloud hassle, all management is done behind the scenes
    No hidden costs – no additional costs to use top tier cloud providers
    Global locations of your choice – distribute the load however you want

  •  Mobile Device and Browser Settings

    40+ Mobile/Desktop Browsers: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, IE, Chrome, etc.
    Changes size and screen resolution to fit the mobile device selected
    Uses browser agents and versions from the mobile device specified

  • Simple Point and Click Script Recorder

    Rich Internet Application (RIA) Interaction
    Interact using the interface of the browser/device selected
    Swipe to scroll, hover effects, mouse-less interactions

  •  Use Dynamic Variables to generate varying load

    Upload a list of variables to use in sequence during a load test
    Use C# in recorded scripts to input random values into the load script
    Add script delays, looping actions and measure load times between clicks


100% Cloud Based Load Testing

cloud based load testing

Simple, Intuitive & Cloud Hosted

Dotcom-Monitor is 100% cloud hosted, so you’ll never need to download any software or manage your own servers. Simply log in, script your interaction, build your stress test scenario, select the cloud providers and the geographic regions you wish to use and run your load test. Dotcom-Monitor’s load testing platform easily scales up to spread the load test across thousands of cloud-based servers as your load increases.

Hassle Free Setup—We Manage the Cloud for You

Get started in minutes with no installation or cloud network setup. Gone are the days of spinning up hundreds or thousands of servers in the cloud – Dotcom-Monitor performs the heavy lifting and we perform all necessary administrative functions such as instantiating the servers, spinning up the instances in top-tier cloud providers including Amazon, Google and Rackspace and making sure everything is shut down properly at the end of the test. You will not be billed any additional cloud computing costs- what you see on the Load test setup is what you pay.

managed load testing

Perform External Global Load Tests

Test your website from locations outside of your network, distributed around the world.
Gain the end-user’s perspective via real browsers outside your network.

Test with Real Browsers

(No Emulators, Headless Browsers, or Selenium Scripts)

Dotcom-Monitor is the only load testing platform that utilizes real browsers in the cloud–including IE, Chrome and over 40 different mobile platforms. Test virtually anything rendered in a browser, such as web applications, including: Flash, AJAX, Silverlight, HTML5 and more!

By using only real browsers, Dotcom-Monitor gives you direct insight into the actual performance issues experienced by your users—not pseudo problems generated by bots or partial browsers.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer
Android OS
Android OS
Apple iOS
Apple iOS

Flexible Stress Testing Options

Measure and record only the metrics that matter most

Load Curve

Execute a customized list of dynamic commands simultaneously. Create a scenario that defines the behavior of your virtual users, generating a real world load testing environment.

  • Find the Weak Points in Your Systems

    Drill into spikes in response time to see individual waterfall charts showing problematic elements

  • Identify Third Party Content Providers That Fail Under Load

    Find out if key images, CSS or other elements hosted by CDNs or other third parties begin to fail under heavy load.

  • Build Both HTTP and Scripted Load Scenarios

    Choose between simple HTTP/S requests and scripted interactions in a real browser.

  • Combine Load Testing and Performance Counter Monitoring

    Use MetricsView to monitor and record Performance counters on a Windows or Linux server such as CPU, memory, and disk IO during a load test.

Record Video of Your Site Performance under Heavy Load

Dotcom-Monitor records video of your site during every load test.
Identify problem areas faster with Video playback synced to a detailed waterfall chart.

performance testing

Be Proactive and Identify Performance Bottlenecks

Establish baseline performance requirements including:

  • Expected performance under minimal load
  • Expected average load performance
  • Capacity ceilings where performance begins to degrade
  • Web application limits where the application begins to fail

Find out how your system scales under load and optimize your capacity plan accordingly.

Load Test Your Infrastructure with Ease

As virtual environments become more complex with nearly infinite scalability, it’s important to know how your system performs under increased load. If you have a scalable infrastructure supporting your websites, you need to ensure the capacity of the system in real time. With Dotcom-Monitor, you can easily apply a dynamic load to your system while monitoring its performance to ensure maximum stability.

load test infrastructure

Go Beyond Testing with Proactive Monitoring

Turn your scripted load tests into 24/7 website monitors

Once you have completed your load testing and optimized your website, you can take the scripted load tests and turn them into 24/7 website monitors. Now that you know your website can handle the capacity plan, you should be monitoring the website around the clock to detect if any other anomalies cause the website to falter.

You can begin monitoring your website for free today by signing up for a 30 day free trial, and when it gets closer to a time you need load testing, such as Black Friday, you can easily import your monitoring scripts into a load test.