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Load test your website, web application and API instantly.

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No software to install, no hardware to provision.


Load test your website from multiple locations around the world, simulating real user actions. Distribute traffic similar to real world usage and measure response times under heavy load simulations. Know server capacity limits, stress test marketing campaigns and gain insights into user experience.


Quickly record and execute load tests simulating large numbers of virtual users going through your web transactions to detect performance issues and server capacity limits. Load tests are executed using Internet Explorer or Chrome from multiple geographic locations, emulating real-usage scenarios.


Test web API connection points by creating large numbers of simultaneous HTTP/S requests. LoadView supports RESTful APIs using different payloads, such as JSON and XML. Also load test SOAP and Web APIs that require authentication or multi-step execution. Validate all requests respond with expected data.

100% Cloud Based Load Testing

Gain insights into user experience.
Optimize your systems to protect your bottom line.
Flexibility from our scalable cloud infrastructure.
Identify performance and capacity issues.
Powerful testing for websites and complex web applications.
Run continuous, dynamic tests from the cloud.

Hassle Free Setup

We Manage the Cloud for You

You will not be billed any additional cloud computing costs, there are no long term contracts and to ensure LoadView is right for your business, upon sign up we credit your account with $20 to be put toward a load test so you can experience the entire platform, set-up through execution.

Global Load Testing Locations
Load Test From Multiple Locations Simultaneously
Dotcom-Monitor uses a global network of synthetic monitoring agent locations to generate user loads. As the test administrator, you can configure:

  • Test targets
  • Virtual user loads
  • Test duration
  • User behaviors to simulate

Ensure the Capacity of Your Infrastructure

If you have a scalable infrastructure supporting your websites, you need to ensure the capacity of the system in real time. With LoadView, you can easily apply a dynamic load to your system while monitoring performance to ensure maximum stability.

Flexible Stress Testing Options

Easily setup, create custom scenarios and distribute
the load from locations around the world.

Point & Click Scripting

Knowing the limits of your website, IT infrastructure, API or web application can help when planning to get ready for an influx in traffic or when preparing for future updates to your system. Set up a load test in minutes using the web interface, copy a script from a different platform or record a script using our easy point and click, EveryStep Scripting Tool.

Choose Your Scenario

Define the number of users, the duration of the test and a fully custom scenario with the rate of arrival/departures of those virtual users. Simulate user loads from multiple worldwide locations.

Execute Your Test

Monitor basic metrics of the test while it runs in real time including number of visitors, number of errors and device response time. Send your test settings to the server and we will start the virtual machines. We send cloud providers a signal to set up the required number of servers and virtual users.

Visualize Your Data

Dig deep into your data with video playback of test execution synced up with waterfall charts. Better understand your customer experience under heavy load by witnessing it yourself and know where performance begins to degrade and capacity ceilings are reached.
Proactive Performance Testing
Turn your scripted load tests into 24/7 website monitors. Once you have completed your load testing and optimized your website, you can take the scripted load tests and turn them into 24/7 website monitors, or easily import your monitoring scripts into a load test. Learn more about our monitoring features >
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