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Industry-Leading Website Monitoring Tools

Downtime happens. Get immediate notifications and truly actionable insights with uptime monitoring from Dotcom-Monitor.

Monitor the performance of your websites and web applications with real browsers from around the world, identify and resolve issues before they impact users, and minimize costly downtime and losses to revenue and reputation.

Unlimited Access. No credit Card Required.

Total Uptime Monitoring in One Place

See why over 20,000 IT and engineering professionals from enterprise-level organizations use Dotcom-Monitor for website and web application uptime monitoring.


Website Uptime Monitoring Made Simple

Uptime Monitoring Features

Maximize uptime and solve problems before they affect your users.

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Continuous Uptime Monitoring

Test your website as often as once a minute to ensure your services are always performing properly with 24/7 and 365 website error detection.

immediate alerts

Immediate Downtime Alerts

Get instant alerts to proactively address issues. Refine and filter alerts by priority. Receive by text, email, or many other ways.

video feedback

Visual Insights & Reports

Take the guess work out of diagnosing errors. Use video playback and in-depth reports, to visually spot and quickly resolve any issues.

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Multiple Device Types

Monitor your websites and applications with desktop or mobile browsers. Dotcom-Monitor works with applications that require single sign-on, including Azure, OKTA and MFA.

Location Specific Performance

Location-Specific Performance

Simultaneously monitor multiple locations, anywhere in the world, or within your internal network, behind the firewall. Pinpoint location-specific issues if they arise.

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Peace of Mind Around the Clock

Downtime is inevitable. How IT teams respond makes the difference between disaster and a momentary setback. Dotcom-Monitor is your partner and total solution to maximize uptime.

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Real Browsers for Real Insights

Dotcom-Monitor uses real browsers (not emulators or headless browsers) that work exactly the way your users do on your websites, so you'll get the most actionable performance data available.

trend analysis

Trend Analysis

Identify common performance patterns on key metrics like availability, load time, and response time to proactively anticipate and fix problems before they ever occur.

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Customized Support

Never end up in a larch. Simply contact our help team 24x7 via live chat to get customized support on any software or monitoring issue you might run into, anytime.

Unlimited Access. No credit Card Required.

What Users Say About Dotcom-Monitor’s Website Uptime Monitoring Features

Global Uptime Monitoring & Website Error Detection

Ensure Elite Website Performance Anywhere in the World

Get a global perspective of your web performance. Know where errors originate anywhere in the world. Dotcom-Monitor operates and manages full browser-based, tier-3 physical servers across six continents to ensure monitoring results are always accurate and consistent anywhere you need to monitor uptime.

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Unlimited Access. No credit Card Required.

APIs and Integrations to Maximize Uptime

Retrieve all your monitoring data through an XML Data Feed, set up monitoring via configuration APIs, or integrate with multiple third-parties services. Customization is limitless with Dotcom-Monitor.

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Unlimited Access. No credit Card Required.

Supported Browsers and Devices

Dotcom-Monitor’s website monitoring tool simulates over 40 desktop and mobile browsers.

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Downtime happens. Get notified and take action to maximize website performance and uptime.
Unlimited Access. No credit Card Required.