XML Report Framework

Feed Monitoring Data to 3rd Party Applications and Websites

If you have a need for custom display of real-time web or networking monitoring information within a 3rd party application or website, Dotcom-Monitor’s XML Report Service (XRS) is a simple, flexible framework that provides APIs to your real-time monitoring data via HTTP request.

Feed Monitoring Data Via the XML Report Service
Implementing XRS

To access XRS data, developers structure an HTTP GET request to xmlreporter.dotcom-monitor.com using your Global Unique Identifier (GUID) provided under the “Global Settings” menu of your Dotcom-Monitor control panel.

The examples below show how XRS generates an XML document. You are free to format the XML data and present it to the end-user in any form or format required.

Examples of XRS Uses Include:
  • ISPs providing independent realtime uptime and performance stats via their website
  • Data center integration of external monitoring data within internal monitor apps
  • Data integration within custom desktop, web or mobile applications
Implementing XRS

Displaying XRS Data XRS is provided free of charge as part of your monthly monitoring service. The only requirement is that you must display the following message on the page or within the application that uses our data:

“This data is provided by external website monitoring service: Dotcom-Monitor (dotcom-monitor.com)”