For security purposes, Owner user details can only be modified by a Dotcom-Monitor administrator after receiving a written request (email, fax, or letter) from an authorized agent of the organization:

  • To remove the Owner user contact information from the account details, go to Account > Account Settings > Technical Contact and update the contact details.
  • To change the Owner user, contact a Dotcom-Monitor administrator. The Owner user will be updated with the new technical contact email address by the Dotcom-Monitor administrator. 

After changing the Owner user, it may be necessary to remove irrelevant Owner User contact details from delivery addresses for reports and alert notifications:

  • To remove the Owner user contact details from the Notification Groups, go to Configure > Groups and select the necessary group to edit the delivery address.
  • To remove the Owner user email form the delivery address of Email Reports, select the corresponding email report type (Global Reports, SLA Report, Report History) from the Reports menu at the top of the page. Next, select the necessary report to change the Email field.