For security purposes, Owner user details can only be modified by a user with the Owner role.

To change the Owner user details within your Dotcom-Monitor account:

  1. Login into the system with the Owner username and password.
  2. Once logged in as an Owner, go to Account Settings > Users and make sure that there is no a user with the email that you want to use as a new Owner’s email. If you want to assign the Owner role to an existing user of your Dotcom-Monitor account, delete the user from the account first.
  3. Go to Account > My profile and change a user email and password and other personal details to new ones.

After changing the Owner user, it may be necessary to remove irrelevant Owner User contact details from the system. You may want to remove the following information:

  • Account Technical Contacts. You can remove the Owner’s contact information from the technical contact details under Account > Account settings > Technical Contacts.
  • Delivery address for alert notifications. To remove the Owner’s contact information from the Notification Groups, go to Configure > Groups and select the necessary group to edit the delivery address.
  • Delivery addresses for Email Reports. To remove the Owner’s email from a report delivery address, select the corresponding email report type (Global Reports, SLA Report, Report History) from the Reports menu at the top of the page. Next, select the necessary report to change the Email field.

In the cases when for some reason it is impossible to access the Owner account, send a written request (email, fax, or letter) from an authorized agent of your organization to the Dotcom-Monitor support team.