You can add or edit a performance report card by navigating to Shareable Report Cards under Reports on the left sidebar menu.

To create a new performance report card, on the Shareable Report Cards page, click New Card > Device State by Monitoring Agent.

Access URL

Once a new performance report card is created, you can copy the link to the report card from the card actions menu from within the Shareable Report Cards screen. For other actions available for report cards, see Dashboard Manager.

Alternatively, you can find the link to the report card in the card settings next to the Report Card ID field.

Configuring Access to the Performance Report Card

By default, all users on the Internet can access the performance report card via the URL that is automatically generated for the report card (the Anyone with the link option). However, you can restrict access to the report card so only users of your Dotcom-Monitor account will be able to open the URL and view the report card data.

To allow only authenticated users to view the performance report card, select the Restricted access option.

Configuring Report Settings

Name:  Enter a descriptive name for the dashboard that will be displayed across the top of the report card page.

Assigned Locations:  Select the monitoring locations the results from which you want to show on the performance report card.

Assigned Devices:  Select the devices to include in the performance report card.