Adding or editing a Performance Report Card will prompt you to adjust the following options.


Group Name:  Enter a descriptive name for the dashboard that will be displayed across the top of the report card page.

State:  Active will make the report visible while postponed will disable links to the report.

Schedule:  Select an existing schedule to apply to the report card results.

Filter:  Select an existing filter to apply to the report card data.

Periods:  You can select which time frames you want to include on the report card.  You must select at least one period.

Aggregate:  Determines whether the data will be summarized by average response time or percentage of uptime for the duration of each selected period.  Note that at least one option must be selected.

Charts:  You can select to make additional uptime and response time charts available by clicking to view additional information in the report card.


     Allow Drill Down:  Allows users of the report card to click on periods and drill down deeper into the data to view more granular results

     Allow Raw Data:  Allows users to view the underlying values of the data.

Report SInce:  will display all available data from the date entered until the current date.

Add / Remove Devices:  Select the devices to include in the report card.