Dotcom-Monitor automatically purges data from the system according to the following schedule.

For active accounts:

  • Generated report files such as CSV or PDF documents are kept for 3 years from the date generated.
  • Response time data from all tasks is retained for 6 months. All response time data found in a detailed waterfall chart such as DNS, first packet response time and individual element load time are included in the six-month retention period.
  • Aggregated data is retained for 3 years. For example, element level details of an HTTP page load task will no longer be available after 1 year, but the aggregated time to load the page will still be retained for 3 years. This includes any calculated summary data such as calculated uptime and downtime periods. Thus it is possible that a chart or report run for periods over a year ago may return no data if the time frame of the query specified is shorter than the aggregated data saved.
  • Video recordings are purged after 6 days. To learn more about how video recordings work, see the Video Recording article.
  • Lighthouse reports data is retained only for two weeks.

This retention policy applies to all task types.

Trial account data is not retained according to this schedule and may be deleted any time after the trial expires.

Closed account data may be purged from the system within 60 days of the last user login for the account.