Application Monitoring Scripts

Point-and-Click Scripts With EveryStep Scripting Tool

The EveryStep scripting tool makes it easy to create complex transaction and web application monitoring scripts in a just a few minutes. The point-and-click Windows application records web transactions – even inside Flash, Silverlight, JAVA applications – and automatically generates a re-playable script.

The EveryStep Scripting Tool is a WYSIWYG browser recording tool.

EveryStep Scripting Tools allows you to interact with any web application and record the session to playback for monitoring purposes.


Monitor Functionality and Performance of Any Web Technology

Unlike traditional browser-based monitoring tools, the EveryStep scripting tool can literally “see” your web page – giving you the ability to interact with web applications and transactions that are rendered by virtually any web technology.

Record a Web Monitoring Script

The EveryStep scripting tools is a stand-alone Windows application that automatically generates a monitoring script for you in a point-and-click environment. Click on page elements and interact with them like you would in a regular browser – open menus, select items, and enter text just like your users would. The “RIA Picture” tool verifies content rendered content on the page by analyzing pixels – not just page code.


Upload to the Club

Once your web transaction monitoring script has been recorded, it needs to be saved added to your monitoring account. When you’re satisfied with your script, one click uploads it to Dotcom-Monitor agents around the world and a monitoring device is automatically created and ready for you to configure.


Configure Web Monitoring Agents

Quickly select locations, frequency, alert options and any automated reporting you’d like to receive. Your new device will instantly begin 24/7 monitoring. Change these parameters on-the-fly and adjust settings like error filters and alert escalation at any time.


Web Performance Analysis

Log in to your account at any time to get detailed error diagnostics. Review historical performance charts, graphs and analysis of all of your monitored devices. Spot performance trends and quickly identify intermittent issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. Web application monitoring has never been easier.