See Web Errors the Way Users Do

Web Application Errors from the End User’s Perspective

Does your team spend a lot of time explaining web application errors to clients, management, or other team members? Video Capture is a visual shortcut to faster diagnosis of the root cause of web application errors. Take the guesswork out of understanding errors from the user’s perspective.

See website and web application errors as the user's experience them -- synchronized to the waterfall chart. Reduce diagnostic guesswork and significantly improve your team's MTTR.

Web Application Waterfall Chart with Video Playback.

Waterfall Performance Data and Synchronized Video Playback

See Website and Web Application Errors the Way Users Experience Them

Waterfall Charts Enhanced with Video

UserView Monitoring automatically captures a video recording whenever errors are detected. A dynamic waterfall chart is synchronized with the video allowing you to compare page load data, at the element level, with real user experience. This enhanced diagnostic tool clearly shows where problems occur and how they affect the user’s experience.


Share Video of Errors with your Team

Captured video can be saved and shared in MP4 format with key stakeholders. Show the errors as they were actually rendered within the browser and avoid miscommunication. Video capture clearly communicates to team members and stakeholders and helps:

  • Bridge language barriers
  • Communicate between differing levels of technical abilities
  • Bring everyone up to speed on page/application functionality


Faster Error Diagnostics

UserView video capture is a powerful tool that changes your diagnostic workflow. It enables everyone on your team to quickly understand the scope of an application error and its impact on the end user. Spend your time focused on the solution, not defining the problem.