Monitor Complex
Web Apps with Ease.

The simplest, most reliable way to monitor web application functionality and performance.
performance reporting

Set up and monitor with ease.


Video capture/playback of errors


Supports Rich Internet Applications (RIA)


No need to code with our point & click recorder


Global network with real browsers

Continuous Web Application Monitoring.

Quickly and easily create scripts in real browsers that emulate real user interactions and transactions with your application.


Record a typical path your users take when navigating your web applications and upload to the portal.



Set up monitoring from multiple locations using our global monitoring network or from inside your network using a Private Agent.


Reports and Alerts

Review insightful waterfall charts synced to video playback of your script. Receive instant alerts on any failures.

Schedule a 1-on-1 Live Demo.

Book an expert performance engineer. Run through customized monitoring scenarios to see how Dotcom-Monitor can enhance your site reliability.

Global Network in Real Browsers.

With our robust global network that uses real browsers to check websites and applications from the end-user’s perspective, you can understand functionality and performance from multiple locations around the world. Know where errors originate and take quick action to correct them.

rendered in browser

Support for Any Application Rendered in a Browser.

Our web application monitoring solution gives you the ability to easily script end user interactions and ensure proper functionality and performance of dynamic web elements and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), such as HTML5, AJAX, Flash, Java, Flex, and Silverlight. Quickly resolve errors and finally have peace of mind!

Monitor Web Applications Inside Your Network.

Monitor web applications that aren’t available outside of your network using a locally installed agent.  Support full local user journey paths, including applications that use external identity management and single sign-on, such as Azure ADFS and OKTA. 

monitoring private agents
Video Capture Charts

Video Capture Synced with Waterfall Charts.

Our web application monitoring solution gives you the option to record video on every monitoring session or only when an error is detected. Video will show exactly how your application runs in a browser. Video playback synced with interactive waterfall charts takes the guess work out of visualizing and diagnosing errors, allowing you to fully understand your user’s experience.

Improve your Web App
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