Custom Performance Counter Monitoring

Gather data from your own sensors and feed custom metrics into your account.
custom performance counter monitoring

Your Custom Metrics. Our Reporting Engine.

Push your own metrics into the custom collector and use our alerting and reporting engines.

The MetricsView custom collector allows you to gather and aggregate data from any metrics you are able to gather, such as CPU load, memory availability, database transactions, network activity, and much more. Push custom counter data to the Dotcom-Monitor platform using the REST API interface.

Data that's Accessible from Anywhere

Dashboard panels display hundreds of performance counters in real-time.

Customizable Dashboards and Reports

Share customized dashboards and reports with your team, third-party vendors, or customers that are accessible at any time. Dashboard panels allow you to share a heads-up view of your monitored data with anyone. Each panel is assigned a unique GUID-secured URL that can be viewed anywhere you have an Internet connection.
performance counter monitoring report card
performance counter monitoring metrics

Performance Correlations

One of the most powerful features of dashboard panels is correlation. Each panel displays a combination of response data, status, and event history data for hundreds of monitoring targets. Correlate CPU temperature and disk I/O with the speed of a shopping cart on your company website or see how the bandwidth usage on a server farm creates CPU spikes on nodes in the cluster.

System Alerts Your Organization Can Count On

Notify any person on any device, using any system, of every alert.

Alert Groups

There is no limit to the number of recipients or notification devices that can be included in an alert group. Send alerts to as many team members as needed. Each member can receive alerts via their preferred alert mechanism, such as email, SMS, phone, wireless, SNMP, or custom scripts.

alert groups
escalation chain

Escalation Chains

Automatically alert additional teams or notify management if monitored performance counters continue to perform outside expected thresholds. Escalation chains can send alerts to different groups or individuals based on how long a threshold error state continues.

Custom Message Templates

Customized alert templates reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) by enabling simultaneous communication of the error, diagnostics, and additional company-specific actionable information. A custom alert template for performance counters can include contextual information like physical location, administrator name, contact information, vendor information, and more.
alert template

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