Exchange Server Monitoring

Monitor core Exchange Server components and gain insight into Exchange Server performance metrics to ensure all services are working.

exchange server monitoring

Microsoft Exchange Mail and Exchange Server Monitoring Solution.

Our extensive Exchange Server monitoring solution performs internal/external checks from the end-user and server perspective, encompassing all components of Exchange Server.


ActiveSync Monitoring

Verify that your users can access their email accounts via the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol. Our solution can also perform end-to-end availability monitoring of your mail servers using the following protocols:

Ensure all your critical Exchange Server components and services are always performing properly.

Exchange Server Monitoring for Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access (OWA) provides an interface to access Exchange mailboxes via a web browser. Outlook Web Access relies on Microsoft’s IIS web service and an Exchange store to work properly. Using our web-based EveryStep Web Recorder, monitoring scripts can be created to monitor OWA by simulating a login via a real web browser and then verifying contents of the mailbox.
exchange server monitoring record new script
exchange server monitoring online reporting

Internal Exchange Server Monitoring

Our MetricsView platform monitors the dozens of in internal metrics exposed by performance counters. For example, you may decide to monitor active delivery time to a mailbox in order to analyze how long it takes to process the message before it gets to the mailbox. Set up alerts for real-time, statistical thresholds based on everything from your email database capacity to overall server health. Create reports based on usage, delivery verification, or even using historical data to dig deep into performance trends.

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