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Our ActiveSync Monitoring solution logs into an Exchange server, sends an email to a specified mailbox, and then retrieves the same email. This check ensures that ActiveSync is working, and Exchange is processing emails properly.

Our ActiveSync monitoring solution checks a remote mail server to verify that users can access their email account via Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol. Next our agent sends an email to check for the successful delivery of the email message. After the email delivery has been deemed successful, the email is deleted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is a proprietary technology that enables devices to synchronize mail clients with Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes. Most smartphones, as well as several desktop mail applications, use ActiveSync to access Exchange. If ActiveSync is down, services such as push email, calendaring and contact sync are unavailable to end users.

You can see email move across multiple servers using a third-party email provider, such as Gmail. ActiveSync email, on the other hand, resides on a single server. The ActiveSync protocol also performs a round trip, but it does not send the email from one ActiveSync server to another because the sending and receiving account are the same account on the same server.

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