Externally Monitor SMTP Servers

Ensure Availability and Performance

Keep your email online and your employees productive with Simple Message Transfer Protocol (SMTP) monitoring from Dotcom-Monitor.

SMTP is an internet standard used to send and receive e-mail. SMTP server monitoring verifies both the send and receive capabilities of your e-mail system – instantly detecting outages and performance issues.

Improve SMTP Server Availability

Diagnose Common Issues and Meet SLA Requirements

Monitor SMTP Servers

SMTP monitoring connects to your server and attempts an SMTP handshake. If the remote server does not respond to a handshake, is unavailable, or responds with an error, an alert is sent. Full round-trip SMTP server monitoring provides instant alerts and diagnostics for common SMTP errors, such as: error 211, error 421, error 450, error 451, error 550, error 552 and others.

SLA Reporting

Service Level Agreements

Whether your SMTP server is hosted in-house or via a 3rd party provider, Dotcom-Monitor’s SLA management reporting lets you keep an eye on critical deliverability metrics:

  • Server Logins
  • SSL Connections
  • Port Parameters
  • Timeout Threshold
email server performance monitoring

Identify Common and Recurring Email Server Issues

In addition to instant downtime alerts, Dotcom-Monitor email server monitoring delivers detailed diagnostics and reports that provide insight into common or recurring issues that are negatively impacting your email availability and performance.

Get Ahead Of Performance Issues
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