SLA Management & Reporting

Effortless Tracking of SLA Compliance

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are contractual commitments between a service provider and a customer that ensures specific levels of service.
Dotcom-Monitor provides effortless SLA management, tracking your provider’s adherence to SLA downtime / uptime requirements in a single, simple reporting interface.

SLA Reporting
Setting up SLA Reports

SLA is a special reporting group within Dotcom-Monitor. To create a report you enter the details of the SLA arrangement with your service provider, select the reporting period, apply any filters applicable schedules and then generate the SLA report in PDF or CSV format.

For example, you can specify that uptime for your website for Monday through Friday between 9AM and 5PM is expected to be 99.98% and uptime between 5PM and 9AM should be 99.8% during weekdays and that uptime. For weekends should be 99.5%.

Dotcom-Monitor will produce daily, weekly and monthly summary monitoring reports showing the “when and why” if uptime is not met. These reports can be used by both you (the consumer), and your service provider.

SLA reports provide device uptime by hour for each day of the reporting period and an executive summary of key performance metrics by day (as shown in the Detail SLA table above).

Sample SLA Report

SLA Reporting for Consumers
  • Determines if a service provider meets expectations
  • Provides real availability statistics to compare with the SLA
  • Pinpoints the days and times when the SLA is not met
    • Documents SLA violations to insure refunds /adjustments

SLA Reporting for Providers
  • Shows your customers that you care about their uptime
  • Provides customers with reporting of SLA uptime success
  • Documents actual uptime, helps avoid unnecessary charge backs
  • Quickly identify responsible parties if SLA falls below accepted threshold

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