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Dotcom-Monitor tools enable system administrators to monitor core Exchange Server components and ensure all services work properly.

Our extensive Exchange monitoring platform performs checks from an end-user perspective (external) and a server perspective (internal) that encompasses all components of Exchange, including: ActiveSync, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, OWA, Storage, Utilization, Queues and more.

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Microsoft ActiveSync Monitoring

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is a proprietary technology that enables devices to synchronize mail clients with Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes. Most smartphones and a number of desktop mail applications use ActiveSync to access Exchange. If ActiveSync is down, services such as push email, calendaring and contact sync are unavailable to end users.

Dotcom-Monitor offers the world’s only tool for monitoring ActiveSync externally. ActiveSync Monitoring logs into an Exchange server, sends an email to a specified mailbox and then retrieves the same email. This round-trip check ensures that ActiveSync is working and Exchange is processing emails properly.

Exchange Monitoring for Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Outlook Web Access (OWA) provides an interface to access Exchange mailboxes via a web browser. Outlook Web Access relies on Microsoft’s IIS web service and an Exchange store to work properly. Using Dotcom-Monitor’s Everystep Scripting Tool, monitoring scripts can be created to monitor Outlook Web Access by simulating a login via a real web browser and then verifying contents of the mailbox.

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SMTP Monitoring in Exchange Environments

SMTP is responsible for accepting email from other mail servers and some external users if they are setup to send email via SMTP. If SMTP is down, no external mail will be processed. SMTP monitoring conducts an “SMTP Check” that uses an SMTP handshake to verify functionality.

Round Trip Email Monitoring

In many instances, companies use 3rd party spam filtering services that receive email on behalf of clients and then filter and forward messages to Exchange Server. In this scenario Exchange SMTP is usually setup to accept email only from defined filtering services which makes direct SMTP-only testing less useful since it does not represent the actual mail flow.

Using Dotcom-Monitor’s Round Trip check, email can be sent via SMTP through the filtering service and then checked via POP3 or IMAP to ensure successful delivery. If POP3 or IMAP4 are not enabled on the Exchange Server, a forwarding rule can be created to send test e-mails to another service that has POP3 or IMAP4 enabled.


Internal Exchange Server Monitoring

Dotcom-Monitor’s MetricsView platform monitors the dozens of in internal metrics exposed by Performance Counters. For example, you may monitor Active Delivery Time to a mailbox to analyze how long it takes to process the message before it gets to the mailbox. Set up alerts for real-time, statistical thresholds based on everything from your email database capacity to overall server health. Create reports based on usage, delivery verification or even using historical data to dig deep into performance trends. Learn more >

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