Marketing & Sales

Marketing and sales campaigns can have a significant impact on the number of users hitting your sites and applications. Poor performing applications and sites will give users an easy reason to find your competition. Do not make your competition the path of least resistance for your customers.

Eliminate Risks

Planning to run a big marketing promotion? Ensure your websites are available, functioning, and performing as intended during the entire campaign. Get alerted immediately to any performance issues or slow loading pages and applications to ensure an error-free experience for your customers.

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Optimized for SEO

One of the factors Google considers for mobile page ranking is page speed. In fact, studies have shown that just a couple of seconds of additional page load time can be the determining factor why a user bounces from your page. Ensure that your most critical pages and applications are meeting or exceeding pre-defined performance thresholds.


Prevent & Reduce Outages

Your customers do not access your web applications and sites only during your normal business hours. In fact, depending on the application, the exact opposite might be true. In the digital first era, businesses are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is critical to know when something goes wrong and to be able to fix it fast!

performance reporting

Dotcom-Monitor Platform Overview

End-to-end performance monitoring solutions for all your websites, web applications, APIs, web services and infrastructure.
Web Services Monitoring

Web Services Monitoring

WebView monitors uptime, performance, and functionality of your web services to ensure they are running optimally. Learn More

Web Page Monitoring

Web Page Monitoring

BrowserView monitors page load speed at an element-level, using multiple browsers from around the world. Learn More

Web Application Monitoring

Web Application Monitoring

UserView monitors multi-step web transactions for performance, functionality and accessibility around the globe. Learn More

Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring

ServerView is a highly configurable platform that monitors performance and functionality of multiple internet services. Learn More

Performance Counter Monitoring

Performance Counter Monitoring

MetricsView allows you to monitor Linux, Windows, or custom performance counters and devices not connected to the Internet. Learn More

Key Monitoring Features

Everything you need from an all-in-one monitoring platform – and more!

Global Monitoring Network

Ensure global availability, speed, and performance from over 30 monitoring locations on a variety of major networks around the world. Quickly identify where performance issues originate. Take quick action to correct errors and ensure an optimal end-user experience.

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web page monitoring alerts

Instant Alerts

Always know how your services are performing. Customizable alert templates, mechanisms, and options allow you to setup and configure alert options that meet the needs of your business. Dotcom-Monitor integrates with third-party incident response and collaboration tools, like PagerDuty, Slack, ServiceNow, and more. Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) by knowing exactly when and where users are experiencing issues.

Configurable Reports and Dashboards

Identify the cause of downtime or performance issues through real-time dashboards, detailed waterfall charts, and element-level metrics. From component-level to high-level summary analysis, teams can select from a variety of reports, dashboards, and visualizations. Track performance of all your monitored devices to ensure you are meeting agreed upon SLA requirements.

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