Dotcom-Monitor offers two distinct monitoring solutions:

Protocol-Based Monitoring for in-depth analysis of backend operations such as server response times,
and Browser-Based Monitoring for realistic simulation of synthetic user paths in true browser settings.

Pricing for each platform varies based on the number of monitoring targets and the monitoring frequency.


  • Web API - Rest / SOAP / JSON
  • Postman Collection
  • Web Services
  • WebSocket
  • SSL Certificates
  • Streaming Media
  • Email Servers
  • DNS Services
  • Traceroute / Ping
  • VoIP / SIP
  • Port / Telnet


  • Web Applications
  • Multi-Step Transactions
  • Page Load Performance
  • Point and Click Recording
  • Web Based Scripting Tool
  • Detailed Waterfalls
  • Playback Video Capture
  • Content Validation
  • Chrome & IE Playback
  • Desktop and Mobile Browsers
  • Page Speed Reports
  • Web core Vitals
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