DCM Professional Services

Equipping our users to become performance testing experts.

Our Proven 4-Tiered Approach to Load & Performance Testing


Collect data from BI software, map user journey, collect traffic patterns, build test requirements.


Analyze the collected data and incorporate into a performance testing plan.


Work with technical support to customize or carry you through the software.


Sales delivers a customized proposal outlining service offering and terms.

Our methodology is tested, proven, and offered in unique à la carte fashion.

Ultimately, the goal of DCM Professional Services is to have you running load tests, analyzing your data, and adjusting your system without DCM engagement. Pick and choose which elements you need assistance with and our performance engineers will coach you through them.

Our engineers are also available to perform the entire testing exercise for you, offering consultation to optimize your code and infrastructure. The level of DCM interaction is completely up to you.






Load testing is not only a question of load times and application performance. Our customs have one global question in mind:

Are my users satisfied with their experience?

To answer this question, we look at data from a multitude of data sources to more closely emulate real user experience during test case development.

Performance Chart
Phase I: Data Gathering

Once engagement is requested, a kick off meeting is scheduled to introduce the team members and assign Phase I activities.

User Journey

If the client is using Business Intelligence software or can map the user journey, we collect this information to help measure how your system performs analogous to a real-world scenario.

Web Logs

Traffic is likely to arrive from a multitude of different devices, browsers, and operating systems. We collect this information to assess traffic patterns.


It is key to understand where users are coming from as the source of Internet traffic geo-location will significantly impact customer experience.

Collect Requirements

We need to understand your performance goals, architecture and schedule. To gain this insight we will conduct a scoping meeting to gather all requirements.

Phase II: Analysis

The goal of Phase II is to analyse the collected data and incorporating into a testing plan.

Record Desired Outcomes

Develop Test Case Scenarios

Write Statement of Work (SOW)

Review, Optimize, & Authorize SOW

Phase III: Proof of Concept

Once the SOW has been developed and approved a Proof of Concept is run to ensure that parameters are valid, and the test is analogous to real world environments.

Record and Upload Scripts

Run Benchmark Test

Validate Test Cases

Phase IV: Execute Load Tests

Phase IV is an iterative process to improve performance of the website under load. The steps will be repeated until site is performing as needed under load.

Run Load Test

Analyze Data and Report

Make Changes to Infrastructure & Code

Repeat Phase IV until Desired Outcome

DCM Professional Services

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