Dotcom-Monitor : Website monitoring and performance testing Dotcom-Monitor : Website monitoring and performance testing

Monitor websites, web applications and APIs in real time

Monitor the performance, functionality and availability of your
Web pages, applications, APIs
and services from real browsers. Get an accurate, real-time understanding of the performance of your digital assets for users around the world.

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Flawless performance, unrivalled information

Monitor websites and web applications in real time from anywhere in the world, and receive instant alerts on any performance problems. With root-cause analysis and comprehensive performance reports, you can quickly resolve problems and guarantee an excellent user experience.

monitor globally

Monitor single-page load time performance and element-level details from global locations.

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Web application monitoring

Monitor multi-stage Web transactions for performance, functionality and accessibility to understand the real user experience.

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performance metrics tracking

Monitor Web services such as SOAP, GET/POST, TCP, ICMP and SSL Certificates for availability, performance and functionality.

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Monitor the performance and functionality of multiple Internet services thanks to a highly configurable platform.

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Integration with your team's systems

Easily integrate your technology stack with Dotcom-Monitor integrations.

Easy monitoring of end-user experience

Quickly and easily create scripts in real browsers that emulate real user interactions for ultimate visibility and improved troubleshooting.



Quickly and easily create monitoring scripts for any website or web application using simple point-and-click actions.



Configure monitoring from multiple locations using our global monitoring network, or from your own network using a private agent.


Reports and alerts

Review the insightful waterfall graphics synchronized to the video playback of your script. Receive instant alerts on any malfunction.

Global website monitoring locations

Access our comprehensive browser-based global monitoring network to quickly identify the source of performance problems. Take swift action to correct errors and ensure an optimal end-user experience.

Thousands of companies around the world place their trust in us

EveryStep Web Recorder allows me to record and save my videos. As far as APIs are concerned, I'm so keen to be able to customize my scripts or applications, allowing me to interact with the program's parameters.

"I like the ease of use and the knowledge it gives our team about our infrastructure on a daily basis."

"I really liked the simplistic user interface. What's more, the functionality provided in the free trial solves most load testing and API monitoring problems. The results seemed really accurate too.

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