Dotcom-Monitor Features

Optimize your digital performance with ease of use, speed, and scalability through precise monitoring of complex websites, applications, APIs, and web services.
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Monitoring doesn’t have to be complicated

Our customers choose Dotcom-Monitor for its user-friendly interface, rapid monitoring setup and maintenance, and scalability – all made possible by the exceptional monitoring features at play.
Web Services Monitoring Dashboard
Monitor, measure, and analyze the performance of your websites and applications using real browsers. See how well your web application is performing from the perspective of a real end user using browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mobile, Android, and iOS.
Execute end-to-end performance testing and monitoring using our tool to record and playback your custom sequences in minutes. Our recorder saves 50% of your time and reduces the technical expertise required to create your scripts for monitoring.
Web Page Monitoring Dasboard
Web Application Monitoring Dashboard
Transform complex monitoring data into actionable insights with our real-time reports, dynamic dashboards, and precise browser-based metrics. Identify improvement areas by diagnosing issues through the actual end-user experience, saving valuable time.
Holistically view end-to-end performances from multiple regions worldwide. Choose any of our 30+ locations from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia to monitor uptime and connectivity.
Dotcom-Monitor Features

Additional Features

Immediate Alerts

Receive alerts through your preferred channels, such as email, phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, webhooks, PagerDuty, Slack, ServiceNow, and many more.

web network
Private Network Monitoring

Monitor internal websites, web applications, or services seamlessly by deploying a locally installed agent to ensure thorough and complete coverage.

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API Access

Leverage our XML Reporting Service (XRS) to establish a streamlined framework delivering real-time monitoring data via APIs with precision and accuracy.

The Industry Leader in Web Monitoring

Trusted by enterprises worldwide, Dotcom-Monitor sets the benchmark in web monitoring precision.

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"Great product and fantastic service"

What do you like best about Dotcom-Monitor?

Ease of use to be able to add and configure devices, a lot of granular level options to monitor and also with the alerting. The scheduled summary reports are fantastic too. Very smooth sales and onboarding experience. The team genuinely focus on advising the functions, features, etc to meet our requirements rather than just upselling the product, which is great.

— Sai C.
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