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RUM vs Synthetic Monitoring Explained

Learn about RUM vs Synthetic Monitoring. Uncover the differences, benefits, and ideal use cases for each approach to optimize website performance.

What Is Infrastructure Monitoring?

Infrastructure monitoring involves monitoring and maintaining the performance and reliability of an IT infrastructure. Without it, we risk disruptions and downtime in the IT sector.

Web Application Monitoring Made Easy

Easily create scripts to monitor business critical web transactions, such as portal logins, shopping carts, and signups to ensure continuity.

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The Dotcom-Monitor platform gives you the features you need to ensure uptime, performance, and availability on a global scale.

Real Browsers

Measure performance within real desktop browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

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Global Monitoring

Understand user performance from nearly 30 global locations.

Point and Click Scripting

Record custom scripts to monitor website and web application elements.

Full End-to-End
Monitoring Offerings

Choose the monitoring solution that best suits your needs.

Dotcom-Monitor Platform Overview

Powerful performance monitoring solutions for all your websites, web applications, APIs, and web services.

Web Services Monitoring

Monitors web services such as SOAP, GET/POST, TCP, ICMP, & SSL Certificates for uptime, performance & functionality. Learn More

Web Page Monitoring

Web Page Monitoring

Monitor single page load times at an element level using real browsers from data centers around the world. Learn More

Web Application Monitoring

Monitor multi-step web transactions for performance, functionality, and accessibility around the globe. Learn More

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor performance and functionality of multiple Internet services through a highly configurable platform. Learn More

Load/Stress Testing

LoadView by Dotcom-Monitor is an on-demand, cloud-based load testing platform for websites, web applications, and APIs. Learn More

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