UltraDNS Outage | Websites using UltraDNS experience short Downtime

We are aware that some websites and reports may indicate an UltraDNS outage on January 28, 2013.  We have verified that UltraDNS did have a short DNS issue. We will continue to monitor the situation, although it now appears to be resolved.

**April 30, 2014 – Dotcom-Monitor is tracking another Neustar UltraDNS outage.**

UltraDNS Outage Details

The first recorded instance occurred 1/28/2013 06:04:20 PM GMT-6. Primary locations impacted were Hong Kong, China; Montreal, Canada; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and London, UK.

The below instance indicates we could not resolve the client website due to these timeout errors.

Answer received from:  [client IP address] (UDNS2.ULTRADNS.NET)
Id:  0
Start Time:  01/28/2013 18:06:04
Duration:  5077
Status:  Error
Error Description:  DNS error: 1002 Receive timeout.

Answer received from:  [client IP address] (UDNS1.ULTRADNS.NET)
Id:  0
Start Time:  01/28/2013 18:06:04
Duration:  5077
Status:  Error
Error Description:  DNS error: 1002 Receive timeout.

UltraDNS DNS Outage

DNS Error | 12007 | The host name ‘[client URL]’ could not be resolved.


UltraDNS Outage
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Remote Traceroute Test

The free Dotcom-Monitor traceroute tool is an advanced service for troubleshooting network-related problems such as outages, poor network performance, or Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)-related problems.

The Intelligent Traceroute Service investigates the network connection between the monitoring agent and a user-specified destination host. After the service determines the address of each network hop between machines the service sends a sequence of 10 ICMP ECHO requests to each machine, to determine the response time of the link to each hop.

If you would like to test for DNS issues, visit www.dotcom-monitor.com/WebTools/trace.asp and select Trace Style: DNS.

Dotcom-Monitor also offers ongoing DNS Monitoring as part of an external SaaS model. For more information, visit www.dotcom-monitor.com/dns-monitoring.asp.

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UltraDNS is a managed DNS service owned by Neustar. They handle over 14 billion DNS queries daily.

For additional information, see our detailed Wiki article on DNS errors.

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