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February 27, 2014 – Experiencing Issues (Resolved)

Thursday, February 27, 2014 4:45am – Dotcom-Monitor is currently experiencing issues. We are aware of the situation and currently working on a resolution. If you have questions about your account or your service, please Contact Us. 8:30am – Dotcom-Monitor has resolved the issues. Details to follow. As you may already know, Dotcom-Monitor experienced an

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Tracking DNS: The Network Solutions DNS errors

April 2, 2013 – Network Solutions DNS, a major provider of domain name server (DNS) services, experienced an issue over the Mar 30-31, 2013 weekend resulting in many websites, including websites owned by Dotcom-Monitor clients, having website DNS time out errors. Intermittent Network Solution DNS issues were noted late afternoon and evening hours on March 29. Dotcom-Monitor then began tracking consistent DNS time out errors involving Network Solutions DNS servers early on Saturday morning, March 30, 2013. The Network Solutions DNS servers involved were NS22.WORLDNIC.COM ( and NS21.WORLDNIC.COM (

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System Status Update: DNS Error Issue | Zerigo DNS services

Starting at around 06:00 AM CST, July 23, 2012 Dotcom-Monitor began to detect a higher than usual number of DNS-related errors. The errors were sporadic and happening in bursts every couple of hours.

We are still looking for a root cause, but we believe issue started with a DDoS on Zerigo DNS services. We have a large number of our clients using Zerigo for their DNS hosting. Zerigo took their servers down due to the DDoS DNS this morning.

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Level 3 Communications Backbone Connectivity Issue

Aug 1, 2011 – Some Dotcom-Monitor clients may have experienced alerts due to a Level 3 Communications connectivity issue. For details see the statement below from Level 3 Communications explaining the event and the resolution.

“Much of the internet connectivity in and to the Continental United States was degraded by an outage within the Level 3 Communications backbone that began at approximately 17:22 1 August 2011 UTC. The impact of this event was felt not only on the Level3 backbone but also on other carriers as providers shifted large amounts of traffic that would have normally transited the Level3 network onto alternate network paths, causing increased latency and congestion and packet loss.”

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