Presidential Election Website Performance and Uptime – Romney vs Obama

Presidential Election Website Performance

Presidential Election Website Performance and Uptime:  As the Nov. 6, 2012 Election Day nears the two presidential hopefuls are in a close standoff. This year, even more than in years past a candidate’s website plays an important role in presenting the candidate’s views, and as a tool for fundraising.

Dotcom-Monitor has been tracking both candidates’ websites and for uptime and performance. After all, if the candidate’s website isn’t up, or isn’t performing well it neither presents the candidates views, nor raises funds.  We monitored both sites in 15-minute increments from eight USA-only locations using Internet Explorer, non-cached, starting on October 26th 2:30 pm CST. We present our presidential election website performance findings to-date here on Oct. 30, 2012. We will provide updates on the websites’ performance over the next few days as the race continues to intensify.

Presidential Website Performance

Based on both candidates site this past week, Barack Obama’s website response time is averaging 10.7851 seconds, compared to Mitt Romney’s who is averaging 3.6361 seconds. As you can see below, (blue line) is significantly faster than (orange line) a majority of the measured period.

Presidential Election Website Performance and Uptime - Romney vs Obama vs response time

During the testing period Mitt Romney’s site had its slowest response time at  and 6:00 pm (18:00 hours, green bar) 10:00 pm (22:00 hours, red bar) EST–Eastern Standard Time with response times of 6.91 seconds, and 6.43 seconds respectively. average response time by hour average response time by hour

While Barack Obama’s site had its slowest response time of 19.52 seconds at 12:00 am (0:00 hour, orange bar) EST –Eastern Standard Time followed by 15.45 seconds at 3:00 am (3:00 hour, green bar) EST–Eastern Standard Time average response time by hour average response time by hour

Some of the reasons that might have slowed Barrack Obama’s website are the following:

Barack Obama’s website had significantly more page elements (210) to Mitt Romney’s (24). Barack Obama also has significantly more third-party hosts than Mitt Romney (Obama at 52 compared to Romney at 4).

Sum of DNS times in ms 10820
Sum of Connection times in ms 3231
Sum of SSL times in ms 1475
Sum of Request times in ms 15
Sum of First Packet times in ms 7067
Sum of Download times in ms 40607

Device Reporting

For Barrack Obama’s website the slowest device response time for the eight USA locations tested were being recorded at our Amazon East (red line) location. For all periods the response time at this location was trending to show significant delays. response time response time

While Mitt Romney’s website had the slowest device response time at the eight locations tested were being recorded at our New York (purple line) location. response time response time

Presidential Website Uptime

For the week of October 26th through October 29th, both and scored a perfect 100% uptime in our Presidential Election Website Performance test. Interest in both sites is expected to continue to ramp up in the next week, therefore it is imperative that both sites remain available.


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– Presidential Election Website Performance and Uptime – Romney vs Obama –

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