CASE STUDY: Grain Insurance and Guarantee Co. Solves Upstream DNS Problems Using Dotcom-Monitor®

Industry: Insurance/Financial

Business Challenge: Ongoing, intermittent Domain Name Server (DNS) issues, affecting website accessibility and the ability of the company to service its customers through its website.

Strategy: Dotcom-Monitor® traceroutes where used to document a problem with Grain Insurance’s DNS service provider.  The DNS service provider had previously been unwilling to accept responsibility for the DNS issues.

Results: As a result of Dotcom-Monitor’s monitoring and error diagnostic information, the DNS service provider admitted there was issue with an upstream network provider and tasked that provider to correct the problem.

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CASE STUDY: Release to Production Incorporates Independent Website Uptime Verification using Dotcom-Monitor®

Industry: Managed hosting

Business Challenge: How to prove 100 percent availability and keep a unique brand promise

Strategy: Using Dotcom-Monitor®, provide clients with independent performance data that measures availability from a user’s perspective


  • Achievement of a higher standard of accountability
  • Higher client satisfaction
  • Increased client loyalty

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CASE STUDY: The use of external CDN monitoring using Dotcom-Monitor® to ensure the performance of CDN-based content by Interactive Agencies on behalf of their clients.

 Industry: Interactive Agencies

Business Challenge:  Interactive agencies managing and maintaining optimal performance of CDN-based web content for clients and end-users.

Strategy: Interactive Agencies use Dotcom-Monitor®, on behalf of their clients and end-users to test competing CDNs during initial evaluation, monitor CDN-based content for performance, manage optimal placement of content on CDN nodes, and enforce Service Level Agreements (SLA) with CDNs.

Results: With monitoring in place, Interactive Agencies increase client loyalty by ensuring optimal performance and responsive management off CDN-based content.

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