Dotcom-Monitor adds VictorOps as Integration Partner

Integration furthers speed and effectiveness of WebOps, DevOps, and network teams’ support of applications, networks, and infrastructures.

Minneapolis, MN May 29, 2014 – Dotcom-Monitor, a suite of website, application and Internet infrastructure monitoring platforms providing error and performance detection, diagnostics, and data for WebOps, DevOps, and network teams, today announced an integration with VictorOps. VictorOps, a collaboration and incident management platform designed for DevOps, joins the list of integrations with Dotcom-Monitor that deliver enterprise-ready support for large-scale infrastructures and applications.

Dotcom-Monitor has two intimately related concepts: error and performance detection and constant improvement and optimization data. Monitoring platforms within Dotcom-Monitor address needs for monitoring network-to-server-to-component errors and performance for websites, web applications, as well as VoIP, email systems, streaming media and most Internet protocols. While Dotcom-Monitor provides robust alerting and reporting on errors, the integration with VictorOps extends that capability by pushing Dotcom-Monitor data to VictorOps incident timeline and management framework.

All of the data that VictorOps consumes, including data and information from its integration partners, is available to DevOps teams, with added filtering and the ability to focus on specific incidents. When incidents are created, VictorOps routes them to a particular team, and only notifies those that can actually deal with the issue.

With this new partner, Dotcom-Monitor continues to focus on providing and participating in integrated frameworks for increasing the effectiveness of WebOps, DevOps, and network teams by extending Dotcom-Monitor data. The integration with VictorOps specifically increases communication through the timeline to ensure everyone on the team has access to all of the information. This approach makes it easier for people to find quick solutions to urgent issues, while minimizing the impact on their normal lives.

Dotcom-Monitor also recently integrated with New Relic.

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