Dotcom-Monitor Database Upgrade and Maintenance – March 13, 2014

Dotcom-Monitor will be conducting a database upgrade and maintenance from 12:01 am – 3:00 am CST, on March 13, 2014.

Due to the maintenance and upgrade it is anticipated that within that 3-hour window from 12:01 am – 3:00 am CST, on March 13 there will be a period between 15 and 45-minutes where there will be a gap in, or intermittent, monitoring.

Therefore, this 15 to 45-minute period will appear as either a gap, or intermittent monitoring in reports. This 15 to 45-minute period will not affect calculations for downtime or uptime, nor will it have any impact on the uptime or downtime displayed in reports.

Thank you for your patience as we work to upgrade and maintain the Dotcom-Monitor system.

If you have questions about this planned database maintenance and upgrade, please contact Dotcom-Monitor via chat,  support[at]dotcom-monitor[dot]com or 1-888-479-0741.

Thank you,

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